The People’s March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice — plus wine!

Across the country today, right now, people are marching for climate, jobs, and justice.

It’s an event that’s been in the planning for a year, but in the making for many years.

The wine industry, like other agricultural industries, has taken an active role because when it comes to climate change, the vines that grow wine grapes are being impacted severely: radical and erratic and intense weather is putting whole harvests in jeopardy. Drought then drenching rains makes it hard to plan. And more.

I have said many times that wine is the gateway drug to caring about climate change and global warming. When people see their favorite wines and wineries impacted, they will see it hitting home.

That’s why many of us are taking to the streets today. It is hitting home. Read more about it here.

Read more about what I am doing in Ventura here.

More about the impacts of Climate Change on wine.