The Evolution of Public Relations: The Infographic


I don’t know about you, but I love Infographics and various graphic representations of data.

In fact, I am so enamoured of them that I’ve signed up for Vizify which has made an infographic about ME which you can see here.

I’ve come across a few great ones recently so I’m going to post a series of them.

Today is “The Evolution of Public Relations” which I found here.  I appreciate how this infographic emphasizes permission marketing and social media strategies including blogging.

Tomorrow is a fun variation of a wine map of California.

Then I’ve been holding onto a handy pie chart that pairs wines with cheeses so that’s next.

Finally, I’ll post an infographic about Riesling in advance of the Alsatian Riesling twitter tasting that I’m participating in on Thursday.

And then I hope I will have my series of posts about Tinhorn Creek in British Columbia ready for publication…