Speed Tasting at WBC13 Part 1: White Wines

Speed tasting wine at a Wine Bloggers’ Conference is not for the faint hearted.

And no, “speed tasting”  is not a stupid frat game, but a (semi-) serious endeavor to taste, tweet, and write about a wine in five minutes or less.

For the winery, it is an opportunity to present their wine and answer questions to 10 tables in five minutes at each 4-8 person table.

Ok so not that dry at 6.5 grams but all that acidity keeps @SumacRidgeWine Gewurtztraminer from being cloying #WBC13

— Gwendolyn Alley, MA (@ArtPredator) June 7, 2013Speed tasting is also a great time to practice spitting and dumping!

Back in the early days of the Wine Bloggers Conference, you never knew what you would get–red, white, sparkling, rose? Sweet followed dry and vice versa. It was quite a challenge, to shift gears like that, and too often a challenge with out any palate cleansing crackers! (Although my tables usually benefited from a quick run to the van for some!) Thank goodness this year for Gone Crackers!

This year, we speed tasted whites wines on Friday and reds on Saturday. In the past, I’ve “live blogged” the event, publishing the post immediately after then event and tweeted as I could. But this year, I couldn’t rely on the internet so I tweeted from my phone which was more reliable.

As I contemplate all the content that I’d like to put up about this year’s Wine Blogger’s Conference, I thought it would be fun to imbed the tweets from white wine Speed Tasting here today, and the reds as soon as I get a chance!

Last but not least! Here’s our tenth wine and my final speed tasting tweet–I got photos and text on 9 of the 10 wines! PS You might also like to check out Christopher Watkin’s speed tasting  HAIKU and photos; here’s his post on the whites.

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