Wine Predator’s WBC12 Ignite!Wine & Conscious Wine’s Portland Pairings

So, after hearing about my being on Marcy Gordon’s 2013 list of important wine bloggers and Michael Wangbickler’s 2012 list and Jo Diaz’s list in 2011

you want to know how I achieved my success as a wine blogger?

Today’s your lucky day!IgniteWineAlleyWbc12

Jeff Weissler aka recorded my 5-minute IGNITE!wine session at the 2012 Wine Blogger’s Conference in Portland:

“The Ten Commandments of Wine Blogging”

What’s an Ignite? For this style of presentation, we each have five minutes to present a story using 20 slides; each slide changes automatically every 15 seconds. Like TEDX, people are organizing Ignite! presentations all over the world; this is the second year of Ignite at the WBC.

The challenge is to IGNITE the audience by sharing a part of ourselves. The presentations are supposed to be professionally filmed and edited and then they get posted on the Ignite! site. Unfortunately, the pro didn’t show; fortunately for us, my buddy Jeff who was sitting at the table with me, caught the slide show with his iPad and generously edited it and put it up.

Jeff, by the way, just opened a wine shop that features food and wine pairs. (If you happened to stroll by there this afternoon, he was playing James Brown for me!)

I met Jeff in Walla Walla at WBC 10 when we shared the “lucky” bus–so dubbed because we were convinced we went to all the best places! We were sure we were so lucky that after we got off the bus, we pooled our money and bought lottery tickets! While we didn’t win any money, we did win some great friends that day. Back then, Jeff was in Ashland trying to figure out how to combine his 30 years experience in the wine biz with his passion for organic, sustainable wines and foods–products that are created in a conscious way–hence his name, Conscious Wine. By last summer at WBC12, he relocated in Portland and now, six months later, he has his shop “Pairings Portland” up and running as of March 2013! I look forward to checking it out next time I’m in Portland.

Pairings Portland: 455 NE 24th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97232

PS I’ll post the text of my powerpoint too when I get a minute–maybe in 2 parts–the back story and the 10 commandments of wine blogging…

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    Want to be a better blogger? Want to know how I end up on “to read” lists of wine bloggers? Check out this video of my Ignite presentation at the 5th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland OR on the 10 Commandments of Wine Blogging! And learn about Jeff Weissler’s new venture in wine, Portland Pairings!


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