#WBW77 & #WBW78: Good Wines for Bad Days & Can You Say Viognier

Alleigh from “A Glass After Work” hosted the May rendition of Wine Blogging Wednesday by asking us what we want to drink after a bad day at work.

As you can imagine, there was quite the range of answers. I looked at a few of the blog posts and I think I like Talk-A-Vino’s best–I was intrigued by his wine selections and agreed with his criteria. Alleigh’s wine choice, a 2008 zinfandel from Ottimino Rancho Bello Vineyard definitely sounded like a go to wine for me too! Here’s my submission for WBW #77.

June’s Wine Blogging Wednesday is almost upon us! The theme for WBW#78 taking place next Wednesday June 20 is “Viognier” aka “Get Your Viggy On” hosted by Frank aka “Drink What You Like” which is often wine from Virginia, his home state, and one that is big on “viggy” –Virginia’s “signature” grape. (Seriously!)

I’m down with Viognier, but not hip to “viggy.” Sorry–unless we’re talking about Viggo Mortensen and both Exene and John Doe are in the room and maybe we’re all tossing about lines of haiku or poetry or doing a exquisite corpse or something.

In the meantime, I’ve got a sample of 2009 Zaca Mesa Estate Grown Viognier from Santa Ynez Valley and if their other wines are any indication, this one will blow most Viogniers out of the water.

But bring ’em on! We’re going to put a chicken or two on the rotisserie and see what viognier has to say with a stone fruit and arugula salad with smoked trout on the side.

Here’s how to get your viggy on according to Frank:

  • Get your hands on a bottle of Viognier, open, drink and share
  • Extra credit will be given for procuring and opening two or more bottles of Viognier.
  • Extra extra credit may be given if you share the story behind the wine as well.
  • On Wednesday, June 20th, leave a comment on DrinkWhatYouLike.com, with a link to your WBW78 Viggy blog.
  • Or, follow Drink What You Like on Facebook and leave a comment or link there on June 20th.
  • Or, follow Frank on Twitter and tweet your link on June 20th.  Be sure to use the #WBW78 hashtag.

What viognier will YOU be drinking for June’s WBW #78? And what foods do YOU like to pair with viognier?

4 thoughts on “#WBW77 & #WBW78: Good Wines for Bad Days & Can You Say Viognier

  1. I always enjoy the writing on Talk-A-Vino and this post was one of my favorites as well. Looking forward to #WBW on Viognier, another favorite! I will have to check out your chosen. I will likely grab a couple of Texas Viogniers-McPherson and Duchman, I think.


  2. Gwendolyn, thank you very much for your kind words! Have to tell you the truth, #WBW78 will be somewhat tricky for me. I had recently bad experience with California Viognier at few wineries in Temecula Valley, so unless I can find Virginia or an actual Condrieu classic versoin, I might not be even drinking a Viognier on that night. I would love to try the Texas Viognier, but there are no Texas wines here in Connecticut.

    But in any case, I’m looking forward to lots of #WBW78 reading! Cheers!


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