For the Non-ABCer: #ChardDay 5/24

Have you heard anyone use the term “ABC” when asked what he or she would like to drink?

ABC means Anything But Chardonnay. Really!

I understand that for many of us in California, for years all we could easily get our hands on WAS Chardonnay. Now that we can find viognier, roussanne, marsanne, pinot blanc, gruner, albarino, and not to forget sauvignon blanc and reisling, can you blame people for wanting “Anything But Chardonnay?”

Still, I don’t see how I could be a wine enthusiast AND be an ABCer. Granted, the world is full of crappy Chardonnay (and poor pinot and shoddy shiraz etc). But a good Chardonnay is quite delightful!

So it’s really just finding the right chardonnay for YOU.

A fine day to discover THE Chardonnay for you is right around the corner: Thursday May 24 when the world of social media celebrates all that is Chardonnay on the 5th Annual Chardonnay Day where you can


All you need to do to join in is open your favorite bottle of chardonnay, or one you’re curious about, or even the one you found on sale on the way home for work! Then share your thoughts about it with the world using the hashtag @ChardDay. You can also search for that hashtag and see what others are drinking and thinking.

So what will I be drinking on #ChardDay?

I am tempted most by two bottles of Chardonnay in my cellar–one from Ridge and the other from Ojai Vineyard. I’m also curious about one from Frank Family because the last time I had it it was like sucking on oak chips…and I have a few more that are calling out to me. But what I will probably open a bottle from Hogue because on my way home from the college today, I found Hogue’s 2008 Columbia Valley Genesis Chardonnay at the Ventura Big Lots for $8 (originally released at $16). Hogue is the third largest producer of wine in Washington,  and I remember tasting this wine at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Washington in 2010, so I picked up a bottle. It’s unoaked which makes it food friendly and easy drinking on a hot summer day; at 13.9% you can have a glass or two on a weeknight with dinner. It  has an easy open screw top which makes it perfect for camping or parties; I’ll give it a swirl on Chardonnay Day and if it’s as good as I remember, I will be back to stock up a few more bottles.

So tell me, what will YOU be drinking for #ChardDay?

3 thoughts on “For the Non-ABCer: #ChardDay 5/24

  1. I’m between South Africa, California and actual Burgundy for my Chardonnay bottle for tomorrow – will see what hand and eye will agree on for #ChardDay on Thursday.


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