Th. Sept 1: Celebrate Sep-Tempranillo or Cabernet? Or Both? Here’s How!

You’d think there were enough days in the year to devote one day per varietal or style or region or…but as recent events have shown, I guess there’s not.

For example, Ed Thralls claimed August 18 for #pinotsmackdown and Thirsty Girl claimed it for “pink” port. (And yes, I would have participated in both events, thank you both very much for the invitations, except my port didn’t arrive in time!)

Now, September 1, the Tempranillo folks are horning in on Cabernet Day!

For most people, it will be easy to participate in Cabernet Day. I’d bet it’s the most common and well known kind of wine around. You can register here (it’s free!) and learn more about participants and participating wineries but you don’t have to.

Tempranillo might seem a bit more “exotic” than cabernet sauvignon but according to The TAPAS Society, Tempranillo, which is indigenous to Spain and used in Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines, is planted in 500,000 acres of the world’s vineyards making it the fourth planted varietal in the world. While most of it is grown in Spain,  Tempranillo is grown in the United States, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, France, Portugal, Turkey, Canada, China, Thailand, and more.

Personally, I’ll be at the Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City Nevada, doing my part to celebrate both days! I might be at the Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro or playa info in center camp but easiest might be just celebrating at the Black Rock Cellar since that’s where I’ll be storing the wine!

If you’d like your Tempranillo or Cabernet to be poured, tasted, discussed and even possibly tweeted and facebooked from Black Rock City, let me know, send me a sample and I’ll bring it out there for you! So far I’ve got two bottles of William Hill Napa Valley Estate cabernet sauvignon, a “Bench Blend” from 2006 and a Napa Valley 2008 plus a Bridlewood 2009 from Paso Robles (by the way, for a “grocery store” wine, Bridlewood is one of my favorites and wine maker David Hopkins is wonderful!) Another very good “grocery store” wine is Frei Brothers Cab and I’ve got an 06 from Alexander Valley (plus one of their syrahs!)

Jim Morris is bringing some of Michel-Schlumberger’s best Dry Creek Valley cabs–can’t wait to try those! While I have some MS in the cellar, what I also pulled out is a bottle of Twisted Oak 2005 Tempranillo to add to the mix and to keep it from being too cab-centric. And for those a little less discriminating who just want to join the party, I’ll have a box of Carlo Rossi Founders Oak Cabernet–wine in a box that’s full of sweet cherry and aromatic vanilla to fill those glasses and please those palates.

Not going to be at Black Rock City? There will be lots of events going on for both Cabernet and Tempranillo. You can always invite friends over and taste and tweet or facebook about what you’re tasting! If you’re on twitter, use the hashtag #cabernet or #tempranillo to help us all be part of the same conversation.

See what’s going on for Cabernet Day.

Find out more about various Septempranillo activities including

a Rogue River Oregon Rafting Trip with Twisted Oak (the Spaniard is my favorite tempranillo!),

a Greenhouse Tasting of six California temps with William Allen of Simple Hedonisms Fulton, CA

and finally, a great Septempranillo event in Paso Robles at Thomas Hill Organics Market Bistro and Wine Bar features a tasting and a panel discussion focused on Tempranillo with

  • David Hance, Clayhouse Wines – Moderator
  • Ken Volk, Kenneth Volk Vineyards
  • Steve Vierra, Derby Wine Estates
  • Tom Myers, Castoro Cellars
  • Dorothy Schuler, Bodegas Paso Robles

You have a week to plan and prepare! So choose your varietal or do both–and have fun!

PS Not that into cabernet? I am bringing 3 bottles of Pinot Noir and one Pinot Gris from Oregon’s Coleman Vineyards out to Burning Man for tasting–most likely on Wednesday at Black Rock Cellar! It’s the last day of Pinot Grigio month and I think that’s a great way to take it out. Hopefully Jim Morris is bringing a Pinot Noir from MS in Sonoma’s Dry Creek too–I know he’s bringing Pinot Blanc!!)

2 thoughts on “Th. Sept 1: Celebrate Sep-Tempranillo or Cabernet? Or Both? Here’s How!

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