A Quest For Sherry (and love!)

A Quest For Sherry (and love!) my guest post for the Secret Sherry Society is up on their website–check it out! Thank you to the Secret Sherry Society for invited me to play!

Thank you also to photographer/blogger John Nichols who shared with me his sherry stories, one of which I included in this blog post!

PS Did you know sherry pairs well with chocolate and Valentine’s Day? Go read the post! And come back for more Valentine’s wines and tips!

7 thoughts on “A Quest For Sherry (and love!)

  1. It was nice meeting you and talking with you last Saturday morning at the Petit Cafe at the Harbor!
    Thank you for the restaurant tips…we look forward to trying them. We are excited about moving to this area with all the great restaurants and Farmers Markets…this is a new adventure for us and seems we will have plenty to do to stay busy!

    Thanks again,


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