Wild Rock: Cupid’s Arrow NZ Pinot Noir for Valentine’s Day or any romantic occasion

If you’re still looking for a wine for Valentine’s Day –or some other romantic occasion– you can’t go wrong with Wild Rock’s Cupid’s Arrow from New Zealand.

The label is clearly a winner for romantic occasions: it features a person diving off a rock, possibly struck by cupid’s arrow!

We’ve chosen this wine a few times because it’s a good value ($20 retail but often on sale) and we really like it with simply grilled salmon, rice, and a vegetable (in this case, we had asparagus; it pairs just fine). We often grill salmon when we’re camping or having a cookout at the beach and we love that most New Zealand wines have easy open screw tops.  You might also like it with lamb or duck.

In the glass, the Wild Rock Cupid’s Arrow Pinot Noir has lots of color and it’s full of red fruit, especially fresh raspberry and cherry with some plum. There’s a nice earthy quality too–almost like you’re walking in an herb garden. Like most pinot noirs that I’ve had from New Zealand (and I’ve had a few!), it’s easily approachable with nice body and character. It’s not going to overwhelm your date like a cab might–but it’s not going to underwhelm them either! While you’ll probably finish it up the first night, I kept it cool and it lasted surprisingly well for a few days.

According to Wild Rock folks, this pinot noir is made from Pollard and Dijon clones, grown sustainably on hillsides in central Otago which is way way south of any place else where they grow wine. The grapes are 80% hand picked, fermented in stainless steel and using indigenous yeasts before 10 months in French oak barrels.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or whatever you’re celebrating that brings you here!

(Please note that while I have purchased this wine in the past, this particular bottle was a sample.)

The Valentine angel is a handcrafted felted doll made by my friend Borbala Arvai…see more of her work here: