Wine Weds: San Francisco International Wine Competition Double Golds

Last week I was invited by the Tasting Panel to test drive the winners from the San Francisco International Wine Competition for myself. The event, held at Waterloo and City near Venice in Los Angeles, was self paced and self pour and organized in a recommended order. Friend Kathy Talley joined me; we didn’t always agree so it was fun to  compare notes. Here are some observations: Continue reading

Wine Weds: Frei Brothers Sustainably Grown Syrah, Cab, Sauv Blanc, Chard

It seems to me that if a winery donates wine for an event, the wine should be respected: served in wine glasses by someone who knows a bit about the wine, and with information about the wine available.

So when Frei Brothers donated several cases of wine to me to use at various arts, cultural, and environmental events, I spent some time becoming familiar with the wine and producing materials for a display on the table for those interested in learning more. I would also be pouring the wine.

The following are some of those materials that I developed for the VCCOOL Benefit Concert August 28 and for the Art City First Fridays Open House and ArtRide after party. My information came from materials Frei Brothers sent, from their website, from my tasting notes, and from fellow blogger Rob Bralow in this blog post by which includes an interview with Frei Brothers Chief Viticulturist Jim Collins discussing specifics. Continue reading

Gwendolyn Alley aka Wine Predator Selected For Women’s Conference

Last spring I enrolled in a 14 week Women’s Economic Ventures Self-Employment Training class and wrote a business plan for “The Write Alley Coaching and Writing Strategies.” As a writing coach, I work with small businesses owned by women, artists, and wineries on writing and using social media tools; I am available to provide content as well.

The day I signed up, my husband broke his C2. With help from my family and friends, I graduated with honors, served as class speaker AND I nursed my husband to a full recovery. I was ready to get in the swing of business and blogging when I was offered two summer school classes which started the same week as the Wine Blogger’s Conference–the equivalent of working time and a half. How could I say no to a paycheck like that after being on unemployment while my husband was on disability for four months? As the term neared the close, my mother, one of my coaches, and someone I was going to be coaching on developing a blog and publishing a series of books, died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Because of the challenges I faced this past year, WEV nominated me to the Women’s Conference to speak and get a makeover.

And yesterday I was selected for this amazing opportunity. Learn more below.

Gwendolyn Alley Selected= I don’t think of myself as the auditioning for a reality show type of person. Yet that’s what I found myself doing nearly three weeks ago when I was nominated by Tea Silvestre of Women’s Economic Ventures for a makeover by the Style Network show “How Do I Look?” hosted by Jeannie Mai. The big “reveal” is slated to be held on the Main Stage of the Women’s Conference as part of the Day of Transformation and Healing with Maria Shriver interviewing t … Read More

via The Write Alley

Wine Weds: Where I’d like to be tasting wine today–the Black Rock Wine Cellar

The annual Black Rock Arts Festival aka Burning Man is currently a huge happening out in the Nevada Desert northeast of Reno.

And that’s where I’d like to be this Wine Wednesday, tasting and talking wine at the Black Rock Wine Cellar centrally located on the Esplanade and 7:30 near center camp.It would also be a super fun place to participate in tomorrow’s Cabernet Day organized by Rick Bakas.

This is the team that’s putting it together:

Oatball Oatball

Here’s more information from the Black Rock Wine Cellar website:

Welcome to the Black Rock Wine Cellar, the premier provider of refrigerated wine storage to the citizens of Black Rock City! Established in 2008 by the Golden Cafe, the Black Rock Wine Cellar and its subterranean wine storage facility exist for one week each year, during the Burning Man arts festival. The unrelenting heat and dessicating air of the Black Rock Desert is no place for wine! If you have a special bottle in need of tender loving care, we invite you visit us on the playa and speak to our sommelier.

There is no fee for storage, and you need not share the sweet nectar with us, although we will likely be proud to share some of our own favorite bottles with you. Our unique service is made possible through monetary donations to support the storage, transport, and operation of our refrigeration infrastructure, as well as donations of exotic breads and cheeses to sustain our dedicated staff of wine snobs. Most importantly, if you have experience in excavation or masonry, we need you on our construction team!

Curious to learn more about Burning Man? I attended my first Burn in 1992, I’ve written a lot about Burning Man over at Art Predator.