WBC 10: Top Gun Blogging

The last formal breakout sessions of the 2010 Wine Bloggers Confernece in Walla Walla WA are Top Gun Blogging with Andrew Lazorchak, Ben Simons and Joe Herrig and Bloggers, Wineries and PR Firms with Beth Cotenoff, Grace Doyle and Michael Wangbickler.

The first guy  has great images to go along with his powerpoint and a kickass video to close. He’s from Georgia and I suspect he brought the impressive cab from Georgia I had late last night. Along the way, he advises:

Is it true write for yourself and your audience will come? If you hit the sweet spot between what you love and what your audience loves, this session on Top Gun Blogging says yes.

It’s better to be first than be better, and it’s better to be first than last. (It’s better to be read than to be talking to your navel if you ask me.) What’s your niche? Figure it out.

Next up is another white guy, this one from Texas. (This is what happens when you run out and grab some coffee during the intros–sorry!)

He suggests you get out there to find and form a community. How? Visit, host tastings, classes, seminars, restaurant, TV, video, become involved with state and local organizations.

OK! I’m going to catch the end of the other session!

2 thoughts on “WBC 10: Top Gun Blogging

  1. Thanks for being there for our panel. I was the other white guy from Texas. 🙂 We had a lot of fun putting together this panel, and so much fun participating in the entire conference. Cheers!


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