WBC 2010: If you post it, they will come… NOT!

3:10 PM   Breakout Sessions:
• Growing Your Audience From Other Bloggers To Consumers with Andrea
Robinson, Barbara Evans and David Honig – Main Ballroom
• The Washington Wine Industry with Paul Gregutt, Coman Dinn and Sean
Sullivan – Renaissance Room

So I’m over at Growing Your Audience listening to Andrea Robinson. She says it takes credentials, voice, and experience to be a successful wine blogger, but that applies to any kind of blogging.

For examples, she offers Gary Vaynerchuk for voice, Jancis Robinson for credentials, and Robert Parker for experience. Which one you emphasize will play to your strengths, but if you don’t have a voice, you probably won’t get much i teh way of readers.

David Honig is up next. He’s over at PalatePress.com. He says

don’t just blog, write.

Great writers get followers, get readers. One of the reasons great writers become great is because they have a great editor. Most bloggers don’t have an editor–they don’t have someone to review, respond. If you don’t have a good editor, he suggests you give it a wait before you hit publish. But the best thing is to get a second set or third set of eyeballs.

What to write about matters also. Analyzing what people are landing on  will tell you what they are interested in. Write work that will interest a wide range of people, not just other bloggers and wine bloggers.

Third on the panel is the Seattle Wine Gal, Barbara Evans. She says wine blogging is shifting from being only a text based form but now cross-platform, and by using twitter and facebook can grow your blog’s readership.

First step is to find your target audience which requires you to join the conversation on various platforms so that people are interested. There are various places to find lists to follow so that you can get going. Searching based on topics can help you find followers.

Facebook strategies: start by using your personal page where you can search for people interested in the same topics as you are. Create the community, introduce them to your blog, then invite them to join your fan page.

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