2010 Wine Blogger Award Winners Announced

Following is a list of the 2010 Wine Blog Awards finalists:

Best Wine Blog Graphics, Photography, & Presentation
Good Grape
Swirl Smell Slurp

Best Industry/Business Wine Blog
Good Grape
My Daily Wine
New York Cork Report
Think Wine Marketing
Wine Biz Radio

Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog
Bigger Than Your Head
Good Wine Under $20
Jason’s Wine Blog

Best Single Subject Wine Blog

New York Cork Report
Tinto y Blanco

Best Winery Blog
4488: A Ridge Blog
Been Doon So Long
Tablas Creek
Twisted Oak

Best Writing On a Wine Blog
Chronic Negress

Steve Heimoff

Best New Wine Blog
A Long Pour
Drink Nectar
Notes From the Cellar
One Brilliant Bottle
Swirl Smell Slurp

Best Overall Wine Blog
1 Wine Dude
Dr. Vino
New York Cork Report

Palate Press
The Cellarist

And the winners are:

Best Overall: 1Wine Dude aka Joe Roberts
Best graphics: Good Grape
New wine blog: swirl smell slurp
Best Single Subject Wine Blog: New York Cork report
Wine Blog: Been Doon so Long
Wine Reviews: Bigger than your head
Blog writing: Catavino
Industry/Business: Good Grape

These are all great blogs to check out and follow. I’ve met many of these folks who were both competing and winners and they’re really great too.

Congratulations, everyone!!

2 thoughts on “2010 Wine Blogger Award Winners Announced

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