WBC or Bust Bus: Columbia & Yakima Valleys

Cave B on the Columbia Valley Gorge was our first stop on our drive from Seattle to Walla Walla. There, we enjoyed the view (wow!) and sampled wines from 15 different wineries which are making wines from the Columbia Valley. Highlights on this tasting follows.

We then drove about 2 hours to Prosser’s Milbrandt Winery for a delightful tasting of wines from Yakima Valley producers and vintners. Live music and food which they grilled right then and there. More highlights on that too.

We closed the day and our driving at Walla Walla Vinters where they made us feel just like family and right at home for a casual home made pizza and wine sunset dinner in the vineyard where I took lots of photos.

really I promise as soon as I catch my breath and my fingers can fly on this keyboards sending more Washington wine words to you!

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