Pop the cork! I won a Wine Blogger’s Scholarship to Washington State!

Over the weekend, I heard good news and bad: the bad news was that I was on the waiting list for a scholarship to this year’s Wine Blogging Conference in Walla Walla Washington.

The good news was that I was on the waiting list for the Wine Blogger’s Conference Scholarship–and if enough money came into the Scholarship Fund, I’d be on my way to Washington in mid-June!!

You can imagine I was already on pins and needles waiting this past week to find out if I’d won a scholarship, and now, I’d have to wait longer! My mind raced, wondering ho I could help drum up more cash for the conference–and how far down I was on the waiting list.

I am sure you can also imagine my relief and my excitement when I checked my email during a break in my  Monday night Women’s Economic Ventures class to discover I’d won!! As soon as I got home, I told my spouse and we popped the cork on the bottle of Domaine Ste. Michelle Sparkling wine I had waiting for this moment!

Nothing says congratulations and celebrations like sparkling wine, and this one by Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut is really festive, is pleasing to the palate with notes of crisp Washington apples, nice balance of sweet to acid, and it’s easy to find here in California.  To celebrate my winning as well as our 7th Wedding Anniversary, at only $10 on sale at the local grocery store,  I thought nothing of icing it down and opening it–actually, the cork popped itself when I left it alone for a few minutes! At that price, and with a real cork cork, it compares very favorably with the California sparklers I know in its price range.

According to Rick Casqueiro, Winemaker, “Sparkling wine is a wonderful yet often overlooked accompaniment to food. Bright acidity and effervescence cleanses the palate, while the delicate flavors compliment a wide array of dishes. Cuvée Brut pairs very well with Japanese cuisine, my favorite is with sashimi. Sip with bagels and lox for a relaxing weekend brunch.” –Rick Casqueiro, Winemaker

Yay!! I’m going to Washington! I’m going to taste hundreds of fabulous wines I’d never even heard of! I’m going to learn all about Washington terroir and walk vineyards and meet winemakers! I’m going to hang with all the important wine blogging movers and shakers!

Please, if you can, send along a little more cash to the Scholarship Fund so other deserving wine bloggers will be able to attend this year’s Wine Blogger’s Conference in Walla Walla Washington!

Now on to my next target–getting a place on the WBC-or Bust bus since I know I’ll be attending the conference!! More Washington wine, please! I wonder what else I’ll be able to find around here from Washington?

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