Got Gamay for Wine Blogging Wednesday April 21?

The Blog “Drink What You Like” is the host for April’s Wine Blogging Wednesday 68 – Got Gamay? a virtual gathering of wine bloggers from around the world who taste and blog about a wine based on a common theme each month thanks to  Lenn Thompson of New York Cork Report who started the monthly event over five years ago.

The host writes, “Selecting the topic for this month’s topic was an easy decision as I’ve developed quite a Cru Beaujolais fetish over the last couple of years.” Gamay is grown throughout the world, he points out, and adds “Gamay is unfortunately best know as the grape that produces Beaujolais Nouveau, popularized by George Duboeuf.”

Want to join us? On or before Wednesday, April 21st write about your Gamay tasting experience and post it on your blog!

So what will you drink? Unless I find a bottle of Washington Gamay, I’ve got a bottle of Louis Jadot Beaujolais right here which I found at my local grocery store and which might work to get something posted next Wednesday…but the following day, April 22, I will be attending the Delicious Wine Tour in Los Angeles and will have the opportunity to taste a lot of French wine.

I hereby declare that it will be my duty to focus on Gamay Beaujolais and report back here the most memorable Gamay they got.

And in the meantime, I’ve got a backlog of Washington wines to blog about as I sit here on pins and needles waiting to hear whether I got a scholarship to the Wine Bloggers Conference and whether they have enough money to fund me! (So if you can, please contribute!)

One thought on “Got Gamay for Wine Blogging Wednesday April 21?

  1. Glad that you’re participating in this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday. Gamay is terribly underrated. I look forward to hearing about the Gamay’s you taste as part of the Delish Wine Tour in LA as well… Cheers! Frank, DrinkWhatYouLike


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