What wine pairs with snow? Wine Blogging Wednesday #65 Announced!

What do you drink with a side of snow?

This month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday’s host Wine Girl asks:

“Even if you’re in warm sunny Florida or Los Angeles,” writes Wine Girl in her announcement of WBW #65, ” I want you to look out your window and imagine Snow. Snowmen, snow balls, igloos, snow trucks, snow … cold, cold snow. Then I want you to imagine what that makes you want to drink. Do you want to curl up in front of your fireplace with a port? Maybe you want to pull out a cabernet sauvignon or a big juicy zin and then put on your snowsuit. Are you a glutton for punishment and you’re pulling out a chilled riesling before heading out to build a snowman? Are you inspired by vintners who are braving frigid temperatures to make icewine? In this particular instance, I’ll even allow you to branch a little away from wine if you want. With a valid story behind you, there’s no reason you can’t pop open a cognac, a brandy, or even bourbon. Imaginary “bonus points” for anyone with a wonderful Snow Day story of their youth, a great photo of snow and wine, or even a Snowman and wine!”

This prompt is  too cool for school if you ask me! I just wish I’d known LAST weekend when we broke into two different bottles of port and we could have tried a third I brought to snowy Flagstaff. Fortunately, we’re heading to the snow again this weekend to celebrate my birthday–now certainly with some fortified wines! I’d love to find an excellent madeira or sherry which is really tough around here, but I will likely do some ports–maybe one each from three continents–Europe, Australia and here:  I have a tempting Kachina port that was in the gift bag at the Wine Bloggers Conference last summer.

Want to take part in WBW 65: Snow Day? It takes place Weds. Jan 20. Send links to wbw65@wine-girl.net.

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