Share wine on this wine barrel “cuddle bench”

Instead of just “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” how about “Reclaim, Reuse, Recreate”?

There’s plenty of ideas on what to do with old wine barrels, but this one sounds cozy to me! The Oak Barrel Company takes apart old barrels and reassemble them as benches recycling one inch white oak staves for “legs.” The bench comes in an indoor or an outdoor finish with three different stains. It retails for around $200 including shipping.

The Oak Barrel Company offers other innovative products as well. According to their website,

When Chris Deffenbaugh creates his “one of a kind” furniture, he draws his inspiration from the White Oak Barrels and other materials used. Chris has long been concerned about what humans are putting into the environment, the atmosphere and landfills, which is why he truly believes in his company’s moto:
ReClaim ReUse ReCreate

Personally, I am in love with this stave swing!