Flag Day June 14: Food or Wine? Art or Music?

ojai wine festival posterYes you have to choose–food or wine, music or art–on June 14.

Will you get your hands dirty at Devin Slavin and the Grow Food Party Crew’s permaculture workshop June 14?

Or stain your teeth red with fabulous wines at the Ojai Wine Fest from 12-5pm:

The Ojai Wine Festival is a Charity Event

The Ojai Wine Festival is the major fund-raiser for the

Rotary Club of Ojai-West

Of course there are other options: the Ojai Music Festival (OMF 6/12 review & Flag Day dilemna: hear music, taste wine, grow food, or make art? Part 1 no alcohol allowed although people sneak it in). OR make art by silk screening t-shirts with the Ventura Bicyclists Union from 10:30-2:30 which I am hosting!

Of course we will have wine and be playing music and talking about gardening and food coops so maybe you or I can have it all by making art! Comment below or email me for more details!

If you choose to grow food, here’s the details on the permaculture workshop:

An Introduction to Permaculture Design

Sunday, June 14 – 11AM-5PM – Ventura, CA – $20

Have you been searching for tools to create a world in which we thrive in the face of all challenges, now and in the future?

Permaculture is an integrative design system that weaves all aspects of living into a synergistic web of relationship – energy, economy, ecology, agriculture, buildings, community, culture and so on. It calls upon patterns of nature, wisdom of the ancestors, and the cutting edge of science & technology to arrive at solutions for any problem that we face.

Join us and step into the Designer’s Mind to create the world you want to live in.

Permaculture Vision, Ethics & Principles, Design Process,  Permaculture in Action

Devin Slavin, Permaculture Designer, Mentor & Co-Founder of the Grow Food Party Crew, has been working with the Regenerative Design Institute for years designing and leading permaculture projects.

The ArtBarn Oasis, 856 Thompson Blvd., Ventura, CA.

Devin Slavin
Regenerative Design & Mentoring
Office: (831) 440-7525
Skype: AbundanceInBalance

Upcoming Events:

Gardens of Gratitude: The 100 Garden Challenge!
Santa Cruz, CA – June 6&7, 2009 (Next Week!)

Next 1-Day Permaculture Course – Sunday, June 14
All Challenges Are Gifts: An Introduction to Permaculture

Mind of Mentoring (Part of the Cultural Mentoring Series)
Regenerative Design Institute – Aug. 29-Sept 4 – Venture Retreat in Pescadero, CA


Fresh video from Grow Food Party Crew Santa Cruz!

Latest video from our Creating an Edible Oasis workshop:

Check out the official Grow Food Party Crew video:


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