More Wine & Music: KCRW iPhone ap & 6 Bottle Grateful Palate Grab Bag

Writes Grateful Palate’s Dan Phillips of his 6 Bottle Grab Bag for $50:

Six bottles of wine (my choice). Adult signature required for shipping. An additional fee of $4.25 will be added.

The combo that always causes hysteria! We choose the wines from our warehouse. You get six bottle of wine that The Grateful Palate imports. Some shockingly amazingly high quality wines seem to find their way into our Grab Bags – so don’t settle for just one. Note: adult signature required when you receive the shipment and we can only ship wines to States where it is permissible. Call us if you are unsure of your states laws.

Knowing the condition of Dan’s warehouse after several warehouse sales, I’d say this one’s a go for it steal of the day! I’m betting it will include some super close-out deals of wines that they no longer import or the tail end of a case that they don’t want to mess with anymore. My bet is he’s going to give you some great wines at a great price knowing you’ll come back for more!

And what soundtrack might you choose to enjoy with your Grateful Palate wine? The soundtrack to 15 years of my life in SoCal is KCRW–the public radio station out of Santa Monica City College that I’m obsessed with! And now that they have an iPhone ap, I never have to leave home without it–even when I’m traveling by bicycle or out of the station’s reach or away from an internet connection!

This KCRW iPhone ap is absolutely the best news I’ve had since the good times on the Santacon ride Friday! The only bad news is it’s not free–which it should be for us subscribers! Yep, it’s .99. Here are the details:

KCRW Listen to KCRW with our brand-new iPhone app. Listen Live, On Demand, and Be Tuned-In to events around town!

BTW, here’s the info on Today’s Top Tune: KCRW Today’s Top Tune is Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens with “Trouble in My Way.” Get the FREE song-a-day at