Organic Beers to Taste & Revere

Sometimes you just gotta have a beer. When we want beer around here, we’re
big fans of New Belgium Brewing Company–Fat Tire Amber Ale is a
standard in our fridge and in winter, I love 2 degrees below. So I was
excited to discover:

mothershipNew Belgium Mothership Wit. In
its first foray into organic brews, New Belgium Brewing of Fort
Collins, Colorado, struck gold with this Belgian-style wheat beer. The
brewers practice what they preach by incorporating green building
design, using wind power and promoting transportation alternatives;
after a year’s employment, brewery workers get a customized bike.

Here’s a list by the Beer Sommelier of his 10 Best organic Beers.

Now where to find some of it around here?

One thought on “Organic Beers to Taste & Revere

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