WBW # 56: Better Late than Later–Herzog’s Fine Kosher Wines on Earth Day

wbw-new1Now that Passover is over, Herzog Winery’s Tasting Room is open again and back in business–and David and I went over there to check it out.

The ten year old facility looks brand new; it’s impressive, state of the art, and well laid out to serve a variety of functions from small, intimate tastings and classes to inside and outside hosted meetings. The public rooms have high ceilings, possibly 30 feet or more, but it’s well sound proofed with inviting lighting and nice appointments throughout–not overly done and decorated but  classy and comfortable.

When we walked in, we were greeted by receptionists at the counter as if we were at a major business–which we were! To the right is the business side of the winery and to the left the eating and drinking side–where we were headed. A self guided tour takes visitors upstairs where fine art hangs and to see the rest of the facility. Guided tours are also available.

The wine store is well stocked with jams, mustard, wine stuff, and lots and lots of wine which they are more than happy to sell. We were surprised by the international wines on display; the tasting room host told us that Herzog is the biggest importer and distributor of Kosher wines in the world. Amazing–we had no idea that the business was so big. They also import and distribute Kosher Cognac and other spirits.

Our host, David, was friendly, personable, and knowledgeable which we appreciated since we had hoped to attend a $10 wine tasting class that night which was sold out. Later when people left the class, they were pleased with what they’d learned and immediately came to the counter to taste more and make some purchases.

Herzog offers two levels of tastings. Suite 1 is $3 and features Baron Herzog label while the $6 flight shows off their reserve label.

We went for the higher end reserve tasting. Overall, the wines were well balanced, with nice clarity and color, reasonable alcohol content, some nice light oak, and they go well with food. Since it was Earth Day, we were also happy to learn that most of the vineyards from which they get their juice use sustainable practices.

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Weaver Wines Pairs Well with VCCool April 23

Weaver Wines: Green Tips Benefit VCCool!

Thursday, April 23 6pm to 8pm
Weaver Wines
14 S. California St., Ventura

Join us for a glass of wine at Weaver Wines and heckled the Celeb Wine-Tender Rachel Morris. All the tips collected by Rachel will be donated to VCCool for our huge annual Kids Bicycle Safety Rodeo. Join us Thursday April 23rd from 6-8pm and we can drink wines together and discuss “Green Tips for Changing the World.” Seana Weaver IS the Hostess with the Mostest! There will be door prizes including baskets of goodies, and great organic and local wines. Family style seating and standing at the bar and two tables of fun! So bring your checkbooks and enjoy a meet-and-greet. Your tips will help fund our annual kid’s bicycle safety rodeo!