Murphys Calaveras County is wine country!

Murphys Calaveras County California: think wine, not beer!

So you didn’t know that Murphy’s California is a big name in wine? Check out this article from the Los Angeles Times Travel section for more!

Although the author didn’t mention my favorite Calaveras County winery, Twisted Oak, you can see why this is a fun town to visit! Last time I was there was in 2003 when I gave a featured poetry reading hosted by Nila NorthSun. No wine tasting for me on that trip however–I was 6 months pregnant! We just visited there between skiing Badger Pass and camping in Yosemite and skiing Bear Valley and camping at Calaveras State Park– and I tasted my way through town! More to come on that soon!

In the meantime, see what the LA Times has to say: Murphys rings in St. Patrick’s Day with green wine – Los Angeles Times. which advises that “this town knows how to have a good time, with 18 wine-tasting rooms within a few blocks of one another.”

“You can literally sip wine from one end of town to the other,” says River Klass, who owns two restaurants on Main Street.

“I think Murphys is just a cool little walking, pedestrian-friendly town,” says Dorian Faught, owner of the Murphys Historic Hotel and Restaurant.

The hotel features nine rooms, each named after the famous guests who have stayed there, including Mark Twain, Ulysses S. Grant and Susan B. Anthony. A short walk from elm-lined Main Street is picturesque Murphys Community Park, which has a white gazebo (also with shamrocks on it) and bubbling Murphys Creek running through.

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