Review–Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse: the steak is fine but where’s my wine?

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Santa Barbara: better than home?

If the man in my life had a blog, it would be called Beer, BBQ & Bruce (that would be Springsteen).

But he’s too busy barbecuing for a blog.

While I tend to stick my nose in a collection of poetry and browse around, he’s likely to daydream his palate away in a cookbook.

We BBQ’d a ham for Thanksgiving last week, and I salivate just thinking about the duck eh made a few months ago. He cooks salmon perfectly, and the fine art of cooking a steak comes out just right every time.Two weeks ago, we were both ecstatic over some filet mignons which we enjoyed with a bottle of Teusner Barossa Valley Shiraz.

That night, we both agreed as we usually do, that we just couldn’t get a meal like this out that was as good as home. After all, how could you improve on perfection?

Turns out, you can. At least in the steak department.

Last night, with the Big Monkey at one end of the table and his boss at the other, celebrating the best month of sales they’d ever had, the Big Monkey proclaimed that the porterhouse steak here at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse was not only better than any steak he’d ever had in a restaurant, but the best steak he’d ever had. Period. And that it was worth every cent.

Now that’s saying a mouthful.

However, if we’d been dining at home, we wouldn’t have sat around for ages with no wine in our glasses.  And we would have had the wine we’d ordered with the various courses we’d intended to drink them with. Continue reading