Understanding the Mind of the Soil: A Walk and Talk in Vineyards of Vincent Charlot #ChampagneDay

Vincent Charlot holds what’s most previous — a healthy living soil.

For Vincent Charlot, making the best champagne he can means he must “understand the mind of the soil.”

After several weeks of warm fall days with cool nights ideal for harvest in Champagne, his grapes were in, and the rain had begun falling, gently, and irregularly down for a few days.

Vincent Charlot only takes the best grapes from the vineyards which meant there was plenty of fruit hanging on the vines for us to sample during our visit!

And while rain had been predicted for our vineyard visit, the skies only held fluffy clouds when we pulled into the small parking area at the edge of the village of Mardeuil where we were meeting Vincent Charlot who had promised to take us into his vineyards. Continue reading