Leather Wine Rack–For Your Bicycle!

Just what I need–a leather wine rack for my bicycle! Love this!!

While I have found that many wine bottles fit in a standard water bicycle cage (one of the many lessons in living from attending the Burning Man Festival), this is a very classy way to travel with your favorite beverage!

You can buy yourself one for $25 Canadian at etsy. Designer Jesse says,

“This thing is awesome! I had a lot of fun making it and doing the R&D 🙂 The rack secures tightly to the frame so that the two parts do not separate. I’ve tried it with a bunch of different bottles and it’s nicely flexible. The fittings and hardware are all brass. It only fits a 1″ bike frame!”

This would be a very special and unusual Mothers or Fathers Day gift for the wine lover in your family!

Now to figure out a way to carry wine glasses without breaking them!