2 Wine Events: Support VCCool, then taste & buy wines for yourself!

Two great wine events tonight December 10  on the West end of Main Street, Ventura: a wine tasting to celebrate  VCCool’s new 501c3 status from 6-7pm at J’s Tapas 204 E. Main and a wine tasting and buy extravaganza from 6:30-9pm at Jonathan’s at Peirano’s. The food is fabulous, the atmosphere cozy, and both are conveniently located right next to each other and across from the San Buenaventura Mission in downtown.

First up: As the eyes of the World turn towards Copenhagen, Denmark and how our Global Community will address Climate Change, VCCool invites you to share an evening with us here at home. As a non-profit in Ventura that specifically addresses the issue at a local level, VCCool needs your support.

Join in conversation about building a sustainable future together during a lovely evening of wine, food, and friendship. This gathering is a free event with the purpose of raising funds, and nurturing friends and supporters as VCCool celebrates acheiving its 501c3 non-profit status as well as an amazing history of local action. The event also offers a sneak-preview of some exciting plans for 2010 as well. Bring your checkbook and make a powerful stand for climate protection by supporting a  local organization that is working hard on  climate action almost every day of the year.

Climate change is a serious problem for many existing wine regions of the world. As the climate changes, so do the growing conditions in the vineyards. Some areas will no longer be able to grow wine while other regions will. This is such a serious problem that many wine advocacy and educational organizations such as Wine Academy of Spain are putting resources into tracking it. WSA recent Wine Futures event in Rioja (which I had to pass up, unfortunately) offered sessions to discuss the problem.

Next: Get amazing wines at amazing wholesale prices, at the Annual Taste and Buy Event, Thursday December 10th 6:30-9pm at Jonathan’s. Taste over 30 wines from many of the best regions for only $10. RSVP today by calling 805-648-4853!

If you come by, be sure to say hi–I’ll be the one passing out Santacon Ride flyers (12/20 at 12:30pm) and Tweed Ride flyers (2/5 at 5:30pm). If it’s not raining, this bikergo gal will ride there to cut down on carbon emissions and because it’s fun! Then you’ll be able to check out my pink bikergo locked up outside. Ask me and I’ll let you take it out for a spin! Remember, don’t drink and drive–even a bike!