Lazio to Paso Robles: “if you see kay” #ItalianFWT

if you see kay from Lazio

April is Earth Month, so each April here on Wine Predator we try to turn our attention to wines that pay attention to the triple bottom line: planet, people, AND profit. That’s typically organic and biodynamic wines, and we’ve also discussed the different and somewhat confusing plethora of certifications amid concerns of greenwashing. 

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Italy in California: Nebbiolo from Humboldt’s Terragena and Santa Barbara’s Silver #ItalianFWT

CA Nebbiolo

Never heard of Nebbiolo? Not surprising because there’s so little of it grown in the US — only 1% of all of the Italian grape vines in California are this ancient Italian grape– and only 1% of the grape vines in California are Italian at all! Source: ENOFYLZ Continue reading

Sparkling Wine Secrets: Italy’s Franciacorta

  • Which country in the world produces the most wine?


With 45.6 million hectoliters, Italy leads the world in wine production. France produced five million less hectoliters, coming in second, Spain made 33.5, and the US produced just over 24 million, according to Statista.

3 types of Franciacorta sparkling wine from Italy

  • Which country in the world produces the most SPARKLING wine?

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What’s different between 3 Organic Montepulciano: Vino Nobile, Molise, d’Abruzzo + Osso Bucco #ItalianFWT

Montepulciano x 3! Paired with Osso Bucco

Looking for a WOW meal to impress your Valentine, Galentine, Pandemic Pod, or too familiar family during this extended stay at home period? Something serious, something new, something special, something that fits a budget– and with leftovers makes a few more meals? How about this instant pot Osso Bucco Stew paired with Montepulciano? 

First off, what’s different between these three organic Montepulciano: 

  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
  • Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
  • Molise Montepulciano 

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Going with Lugana in 2021 #ItalianFWT

Colli Vaibo “Gemma” Lugana Riserva DOC

Like many wine writers, I’m asked all the time what’s my favorite wine. My response is always: what’s on the menu?

Because there are so many unusual and indigenous wines in Italy, choosing a favorite Italian wine is even harder, Continue reading