Cabernet Franc Winners With Osso Bucco, Squash Gratin #WinePW


As the weather cools and as the days get darker and the nights longer, we turn to rich foods that will warm our homes, our bellies and our souls.

How fitting, then, that Cabernet Franc Day is celebrated each year on December 4 as Cabernet Franc is a wonderful wine to pair with these earthy, root vegetables and braised meats to kindle the fire within! Read why Cabernet Franc is celebrated Dec. 4 and six more reasons to celebrate Cab Franc on that day! Continue reading

7 Reasons To Celebrate Cab Franc


Today, Sunday, December 4, is the second annual Cabernet Franc Day! Which means it’s time to show Cabernet Franc some well-deserved love!


Sue and I pouring Cantara Cellars Cab Franc blend “Frankenvine” at last night’s Ventura’s Wine Walk.

So I asked Que Syrah “Give me Cabernet Franc or else” Sue why we should celebrate Cabernet Franc today. Together we came up with this list: Continue reading

Italian Holiday Traditions Adapted to CA Conditions: 3 dishes with wine


Lambrusco – Dell’Emillia – 11% alcohol -Fun to drink – affordable -Fun to open. the best of a beer fizz and a champagne fizz in one topped with a lush Burgundy color. Bramble fruit, nose and palate, very soft, easy drink. lacking the completity of a full red. A beer drinkers wine. great for parties and a value at $15

The United States is well-known around the world as a land of opportunity and a land of immigrants. 

Only a few Americans today can claim Native heritage; most of us migrated here from somewhere else, and just about all of us have immigrant blood in our veins. Our specific stories may all be different, but we all came for one important reason: to make a better life for ourselves and our families.

This fact has influenced our culinary traditions, Continue reading

Joy to the World: It’s time for #Wine!


Once a month or so, Que Syrah Sue and I sit down with our calendars and a glass or two of wine, we pull out the wine samples, and much like a chess game, we move the bottles of wine around the table as we try to figure out what we’re going to taste, and when, and how, and most importantly, what’s the story we want to tell through the wine. And yesterday was that day we put on the sticky notes for December. Heads up: Sat Dec 3 is gonna be crazy good!

First off, did you know Continue reading

Grateful for #Wine Day: #Carménère Day This Thanksgiving 2016


Happy birthday, Carménère!

And yes we’re celebrating another “wine day” in November! Following Merlot Day, Tempranillo Day, and Zinfandel Day comes Carménère Day on November 24 which is also Thanksgiving in the United States.

And wine is definitely something that I am grateful for this Thanksgiving!

But why is Carménère Day on Thanksgiving? Had you even heard of Carménère wine or Carménère Day? Continue reading

Beaujolais: An in-between wine for in-between times #Winophiles


As the nights get longer, and the days darker, we draw our friends and family closer to us. We gather together over feasts, acknowledging that we are here for each other, and that we will get though these dark dark days and again celebrate in the light. We pile high our tables with food, and we give each other gifts, some tangible and some less so. A hug. A smile. A loaf of bread. A bottle of wine.

And that bottle of wine just might be Beaujolais. Continue reading