A Retreat for Veteran’s Day 2016


Veteran’s Day is always celebrated on November 11–to remember the last day of the “Great War,” and those who fought in it, and wars before and since. Like Independence Day, it is not and should not be one of our holidays that we insist on turning into a three day weekend… even though this year it is!

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Wine For Election Day: “Dueling Pistols” from The Federalist


As I finishing writing and publish this on election day 2016, I can’t escape the duel for commander-in-chief of the United States, and indeed, dueling visions over the direction our country should take. I for one am ready for this duel to be over, but I dread the results. What will die? What will live? One friend said it is like getting a root canal which basically kills the tooth to stop the pain, and I agree: I just want it to be over and I pray that the pain will go away for good.

So what wine would you pair with this election? How about “Dueling Pistols” from The Federalist?


do you notice the red, white and blue color scheme? how about the pistols on the label?

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#MerlotMe Monday on #MerlotDay 11/7/16


In October, Sue and I didn’t get Merlittle but Merlot for a month of #MerlotMe! And for these two Merlot fans, it was Merlot of a good thing!


Puns aside, October was a great month of Merlot here on Wine Predator, and certainly primed the pump for us to really appreciate today, Merlot Day, a day set aside to celebrate all things Merlot. Below read about eleven we tasted last month.  Continue reading

7 Fun Facts plus Events for #ChampagneDay Friday, Oct 21

Did you know that the first #Champagne vineyards in the French region of the same name were planted by the Romans in the third century A.D?

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Exploring Flavors of Jura Food and Wine — Vin Jaune, Trousseau — with #Winophiles


So excuse me, but my ignorance is going to show a bit here…  this is how we learn, right?

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Oxnard Steampunk Fest Celebrates Whimsy with Beer, Wine Tasting


Jump on your airship and cast away to Oxnard CA for this weekend’s Steampunk Festival as Heritage Square celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Heritage Square with all that’s whimsical: music, costume contests, workshops, vendors, and more PLUS beer and wine tasting!


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