#MarchMadness #MerlotMe with Peju plus Pizza and Rabbit Ragu too #WomensHistoryMonth

How about a little March Madness — with wine and a March hare too!

  1. #MerlotMe in March — not October as usual!
  2. Rabbit Ragu — not the expected beef!
  3. #WomensHistoryMonth — featuring a family!

This year for Women’s History Month, I’ve emphasized wines where the women have an important  role in the business — like Erica Crawford of Loveblock,  women in Champagne and couples who make Cabernet Franc.

Today’s feature is similar but different: Napa’s Peju Winery Continue reading

Feeling for New Zealand and an Interview with Erica Crawford of Organic Loveblock Wines #WomensHistoryMonth

Last week, a mosque was attacked and too many people were killed while they were in prayer. Too many men, women, children died once again: one would be too many but in this case so far fifty people died in the shooting attacks at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christchurch. It’s enough that the Prime Minister is leading the country in a direction to harness the killing power of guns by banning weapons like those used in the mosque attacks in Christchurch.

Mikey Napier shared this on Facebook on March 17: Because the international media is not really showing this to the world. I would like to share as a proud kiwi standing by our Muslim brothers & sisters what I am seeing on my newsfeed & from my country’s media after this tragedy.. I ask that we all share these images and show the world how this horrible event has only brought all of nz out as a nation and stand together in our Muslim communities time of need and made us stronger and more loving. EVERYONE that considers NZ home no matter what religion, race, faith, colour, they may proudly be is considered and loved as a Kiwi in our culture, and that is how our people and values will forever remain.

As I’ve listened to the news this week, I’ve also reflected on the stories of New Zealand that I know, and most of them reflect the beauty of the country, the haka of the Maori tribe, and of course, the wonderful wine, particularly the Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. I’ve never visited NZ but I’d love to and I’ve even considered moving there, more so now than ever as the world watches how they are responding.

One story I heard on the radio talked about how important it is to focus not on those who did the killing (and in this case who is now in custody) so as not to glorify the shooter, provide the desired infamy, and spread the shooter’s message. Also don’t focus on the body count. “He is a terrorist. He is a criminal. He is an extremist. But he will, when I speak, be nameless,” says New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern

Instead, speak the names and tell the stories of those who died and are impacted.
Tell the stories of the good being done in the country.

And that takes me to the story of Erica Crawford of New Zealand’s Loveblock Wines, because Erica is doing a wonderful job making wine that takes care of the planet and people Continue reading

Lamb Stew Paired with Cabernet Franc Created By Couples #WinePW #WomensHistoryMonth

I love how a wine changes — from place to place, from vintner to vintner, over time, and even over a conversation.

I totally get how subjective wine is: what did you have to eat pr drink– what’s the chemistry in your mouth like? What smells are about and how might that impact your experience of a wine? What music are you listening to — how distracted or focused are you — what’s your brain chemistry like? There are so many factors that can change your experience about a wine.

For me, personally, my chemistry and Cabernet Franc don’t always get along so in general I’d rather just see it as part of a blend– a small part. And that’s how it’s been found traditionally — as a small but significant role in a Bordeaux blend. However, it’s dominant in a Chinon from the Touraine region of the Loire Valley about 220 miles southwest of Paris.  Continue reading

Happy International Women’s Day! Cheers! #IWD2019 #WomensHistoryMonth

During March, around the world people celebrate the accomplishments of women and recognize the challenges that women face, with March 8 set aside as International Women’s Day.  Which also means that in March, here on Wine Predator, we focus as we can on women influencers — whether they are winemakers, owners, or otherwise important women in wine.

Our wine’s, alive from earth to heaven.” Anne Graindorge

This coming weekend, I’m going to settle in with a good book from 2008: Tilar J. Mazzeo’s best-selling The Widow Cliquot: The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It. In it, Mazzeo shares the story of a woman who lived during Napolean’s time, and how the widow Cliquot sheds her weeds to build an empire and a legacy. Sounds exciting doesn’t it!

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Dancin’ In the Moonlight? Biodynamic Wines of the World #WinePW Invite and Bonterra Reds With Braised Beef

“You dance around naked in the moonlight — so I typically tell them yeah just come on out!” Bonterra’s Director of Vineyards Joseph Brinkley in It Starts With Wine discussing what many people think about biodynamics.

The new docu-series It Starts With Wine on Amazon Prime brings vintners and chefs from around the world into your home for an inside perspective on people and places behind the wines you drink — and the ones you’ll want to!

The first three episodes are out now–

  • Episode 1 features famed chef and restaurateur Francis Mallmann with a backdrop of Uruguay which #WinePW focused on in February,
  • Episode 2 features Argentina, our #WinePW focus for January,
  • Episode 3 of the series goes to Northern California’s Mendocino County to understand organic and Biodynamic® farming, featuring wines from Bonterra Organic Vineyards and Bonterra Director of Vineyards Joseph Brinkley– and biodynamic wines of the world is the prompt for April during Earth Month which I am hosting and you’re invited to join!

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