Let’s Talk Teeth! How to Make Your Own Magical Mouthwash

Happy wine writers flash their Petite Sirah stained teeth at Dark and Delicious hosted by PS I Love You

If you are in the wine industry, you need to listen up, because we are going to talk teeth today on Wine Predator.

Talk teeth? Yes, talk teeth RIGHT NOW because over 400 or so industry professionals are gathered in Santa Rosa for the Wine Marketing and Tourism Conference followed by the Wine Bloggers Conference.

And what does that mean? A LOT OF WINE IS GOING DOWN!

Now don’t whine:  I’d rather talk about WINE!

Don’t ask: Who wants to talk about teeth except a dentist or an orthodontist?

Being in the wine industry can be hard on your health. I know– it’s the price we pay for this awesome lifestyle and opportunities to taste amazing wines paired with stunning food!

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Get Your Napa Game On: Celebrating #MerlotMe With Tritip and Salmon

Go Team! Go Merlot Day!

When your team is in the World Series or another BIG GAME , you need to watch it on a really nice screen. Better yet with good friends, good food, and good wine!

Because we don’t have TV, we hit up Myr and Charles and they were happy to host us especially since my husband offers to do most of the cooking! He roasted brussels sprouts, seasoned and BBQ’d a tritip and two slabs of salmon, Myr roasted pumpkins and cooked lentils for a salad, and we all contributed to a cheese tray.

Wait– red wine? and fish?

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Highlights: Wine Marketing and Tourism Conference Santa Rosa 2017


So what’s all this Wine Marketing and Tourism about? Here’s the full agenda.

Here are some of my highlights from today’s sessions. Continue reading

What Went Down, What’s Up: 10th Bloggoversary, #WBC17, and #WMTC17 Edition!

Pasta with Kale Pesto and Oven dried tomatoes paired with a 2011 Sonoma County Chalk Hill Estates Sauvignon Blanc

Yes indeed, what’s up is I am celebrating a BIG BLOGGOVERSARY!

That would be the anniversary of this blog in November 2008! Which means I’ve been blogging for 10 years!

And this is post #636!

After attending my first Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Rosa in 2008 with my Art Predator blog whic I started Nov. 4, 2007,, I decided to add another blog to my life, “Wine Predator” where I would focus on wine, food, and adventure!

  • In November 2009, I attended the European Wine Bloggers Conference and traveling in Portugal
  • In November 2010 I spoke at the California Women’s Governors Conference
  • In November 2011 I spoke at the International Food Bloggers Conference.

So November is a big month for me! (Other November highlights: in 2001 I bought my house! and in 2003 my son was born!)

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5 Chianti plus a Vermentino paired with Puttanesca #ItalianFWT

After a long week of record breaking heat, high winds, and even a fire that threatened the homes of friends in nearby Casitas Springs, a group of us gathered after work on a warm Friday evening under the waxing full moon for an Italian dinner and a World Series baseball game.

“When we do wine pairing at your house, Sue, it is always so much more of a party,” I pointed out with a laugh  as we began on our evening’s adventure.

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Just Say No To Halloween Candy and Wine — And Yes to Wine Cocktails!

we love these Halloween themed wines form Flora Springs — but I wouldn’t ruin my palate with Halloween candy pairings with them! I bet you could do a dark chocolate bar or dessert, however!

This is where I am supposed to write a post about Halloween candy and wine pairings.

It is National Chocolate Day after all.

And it is the time for all of those Halloween parties.

And yep, it is hard not to tuck into that big bowl of candy while waiting for trick or treaters to stop by.

But this is where I just say NO.

That’s right, folks wanted to send me wine to pair with Halloween candy and that’s what I said: NO. No, I won’t. I won’t do it I tell you! I even emailed Sue and said hey they want to send us wine to pair with Halloween candy and I said no. Send us the wine if you want but I’m not doing a Halloween wine and candy post.


Helen the birthday girl: she put the coo in cougar…

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5 Halloween Wines and Seasonal Pasta with Sue’s Sage Butter Sauce

Trick or treat!

I don’t know about you but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays — and I know I am not alone.

In fact, almost 200 million people are expected to celebrate Halloween in 2017 and Halloween retail spending is projected to be a record breaking $9.1 billion, nearly $90 each!  (Source).

While much of this spending is on outfits to wear to parties and for trick or treating, for readers of this blog, WINE might be a popular expenditure!

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