Mendoza’s Mairena Sparkling Rosé + Seared Ahi Salad #WorldWineTravel

Sparkling wine from Mendoza, Argentina: Mairena Espumante Extra Brut

In 2023, the World Wine Travel group of wine writers is focused on South America, and this month the theme is wine from Argentina that’s not MALBEC from Mendoza. While important, Malbec is not the only thing going on in Argentina! As I recently participated in an AMAZING tasting with SF Wine School and Argentina’s Zuccardi featuring two of their elegant and ethereal Chardonnay (truly memorable!) I wanted to write about those as well as the Malbec we tasted in a two part article. But not today– or this past week! (Stay tuned for what I have been working on– very exciting!)

So instead, here are the promised bonus bubbles based on Pinot Noir blended with “white wine”– certainly not what you’d expect from Argentina! And a great value if you can find it at your local Grocery Outlet! In fact, I’m going to buy a few more bottle because you can never have too many tasty and affordable bottles of bubbles! 

Mairena Espumante Extra Brut Rosé

ABV: 12.3%
SRP: under $20
Grapes: white and Pinot Noir 
Importer: Terroir Connections 
purchased at Grocery Outlet for under $10

The Luján de Cuyo vineyard is an outpost of the famous winemaking region of Ugarteche. The 30-year-old family-owned Familia Blanco Winery has roots in three generations of Spanish farmers. This Rosé is a blend of white and Pinot Noir grapes grown in alluvium, silt, rocky soils.

Appearance:  pink, rose gold

Aroma: very fruity, cherry fruit, little bit of herbs, but it mostly all about the fruit with some fresh parsley or carrot greens on the side 

Palate: Blood orange, cherry, sweet tart, fizzy fine bubbles, which adds a fun textural experience to this wine, fun and pleasant to drink, nicely made wine with good characteristics. 

Pairing: Made an excellent cocktail with vermouth, Campari and lemon. Fresh and fruity with the seared ahi salad. This is a great pairing all year, and for lunch or dinner, and would be fun with sushi too.  

If you don’t have a Mairena Espumante Extra Brut Rosé at your local Grocery Outlet, and you want to discover wines from Argentina beyond Malbec, check out Domaine Bousquet which has quite a few lovely organic and going biodynamic wines. 

Read about Domaine Bousquet”s Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay  or Domaine Bousquet  Sparkling Rose .

For more from Argentina, check out:

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