Celebrate Chardonnay The CA Way: McGrail Vineyards, Knotty Vines Paired with Shrimp N Grits, Bisque

2 classic CA Chardonnay with shrimp

“What do you mean, Chardonnay Day?” Sitting in the midst of a Ventura County vineyard, we were taking a break from the hot sun and the rather intensive work of shaping the over grown goblet vines back into something that resembled trees. Our break, of course, included wine and sandwiches from Fillmore’s Roan Bakery. But no Chardonnay, I remarked, and “What about Chardonnay Day?” I asked. 

The appropriately named Rick Bakas came up with the idea of Chardonnay Day following the success of Cabernet Day. Now, just about every wine you can name off the top of your head has its own day. 

And Sue Hill and I are happy to try to celebrate all of them because Continue reading