French Rosé, Sparkling Wine, and A Taco Bar for Easter? Si! #Winophiles

French wines and tacos

Easter and French wine, oui! Easter and French wine and TACOS? Que c’est ridicule! or is that si, señora? While it might sound questionable, a taco bar is a fun way to feed a large gathering, and we already know we LOVE chicken mole tacos with Bordeaux wines, and shrimp tacos with French rose, so why not a taco bar for Easter with instant pot Barbacoa, fried shrimp and lobster bites, marinated chicken, and grilled fish?

Happy Easter

This month Culinary Cam hosts the French Winophiles with her theme of Joyeuses Pâques! Check out these ideas:

2021 AIX  Vin de Provence

2021 AIX  Vin de Provence 

  • ABV 13%
  • SRP 
  • Varietals – 
  • Importer/Distributor – Kobrand
    sample for my review 

Made in the heart of Provence in Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, AIX focuses solely on rosé. According to Kobrand, Maison Saint Aix is located an hour east of the historic city of Aix-en-Provence on a 140-year-old domaine. These non-irrigated, sustainably farmed  vines grow on a plateau 1,400 feet above sea level where the Mistral wind keeps the grapes dry and healthy. The soil is clay and limestone, with some sandy plots that are rich in minerals. 

Color: Pale pink, ballet pink, very pretty

Aroma: White flowers, vanilla, bubble yum bubble gum, tutti fruity, very expressive, fresh mown grass, wild strawberry

Palate: Clean and refreshing, very dry, bubble yum bubble gum, tutti fruity, wild strawberry, what is present on the nose comes across on the palate, easy to enjoy, easy to sip

Pairing: The sauce on the seafood tacos makes all the difference with this wine. It is fine with the seafood, but even more elevated by te spice and creamy richness that the sauce brings. Better with the shrimp over lobster. Loves the salt and citrus in the chicken tacos. 

Bouvet Ladubay Brut Signature

Bouvet Ladubay Brut Signature, Loire

  • ABV  12.5%
  • SRP – 
  • Varietals – 90% Chenin Blanc, 10% Chardonnay
  • Importer/Distributor: Kobrand 
    sample for my review 
Located in Saumur in the Loire Valley, Bouvet Ladubay has been one of France’s greatest producers of méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine since 1851. Currently run by the fourth generation of the Monmousseau family, Bouvet Ladubay produces close to 6 million bottles of wine from grapes purchased from over 100 growers, making them one of the largest purchasers of grapes within the Saumur appellation in the Loire with a focus on the Loire Valley’s indigenous Chenin Blanc with Cabernet Franc for rosé. 
The Loire is famous for its tuffeau caves carved into the chalk hillsides where residents live, where visitors stay (like me!), where diners dine (read more here), and where wines age.
The cave for Bouvet Ladubay’s cellars was excavated 1,000 years ago by the Saint Florent monks who quarried the chalk stone to build their abbey, La Belle d’Anjou. These five mile long cellars have been further enhanced by sculptor Philippe Cormand  who rendered 35 architectural fragments from castles, churches and cathedrals sculpted by stonemasons over the centuries.  This Underground Cathedral pays tribute to 10 centuries of builders in the Loire Valley.and was made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002.

Color: Golden, daffodil, delicate persistent bubbles

Aroma: Ripe green apple, lemon, tad bit of yeast, limestone, minerals, very light aroma.

Palate: Very lively bubbles, tart and refreshing, green apple, fresh bright and clean, not a great deal of complexity, but very easy to enjoy, this bottle of bubbles would appeal to a wide audience, it could also be used as a base for a spritzer. Overall a great Easter wine. 

Pairing: Very nice with the fried seafood tacos. It loves the sweetness of the seafood, the creamy sauce as well as the cilantro and cabbage. Good with the chicken, but better with the seafood. The barbacoa brings out such nice fruit and sweetness in the wine while the wine nicely cleanses the palate. 

my honey bunny at Mammoth Mountain on our anniversary




5 thoughts on “French Rosé, Sparkling Wine, and A Taco Bar for Easter? Si! #Winophiles

  1. Eek! A taco bar for Easter! We’d LOVE that so much! I love how you set up your wine descriptions. I hope you won’t mind if I try doing something similar. I just love it so much.

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