A Search for Rousillon’s Maury #Winophiles

In 2001, the large sunny coastal yet verdant Languedoc-Roussillon region in the south east of France beside the Mediterranean and north of Spain produced more wine than the entire United States. 

So you’d think it wouldn’t be too hard to find a wine from Maury, located in Roussillon. Or to find one from Roussillon.

In particular, I wanted a white wine. Grenache and Grenache blanc flourish in the region and would be perfect for the menu: I’d purchased a whole 3 pound fresh black cod and we wanted to prepare it in the Basque traditional way with thyme and lemon.

So we went looking for Maury. And if not Maury, then his buddy Russ aka Rousillon. No Maury at LA Wine House which meant it would be hard to find anywhere else since that’s our go to store for hard to find wines because we know someone who can pick it up for us and deliver it no charge.

And then I was sent a pitch — did I want to try any of these French wines for summer? Or any others? Lo and behold, they had MAURY galore. Well, at least three. And plenty from Rousillon in general.

Yes, please, I responded; I will be publishing on June 18 or 19.  

Radio silence. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean much. Lots of times samples arrive out of the blue. I remain ever hopeful and excited after learning more about Maury from host Lyn Gowdy who said if we couldn’t find Maury, Rousillon was ok.

But the day of our scheduled tasting with no wine I went searching for at least ROUSILLON. Nothing at Trader Joe’s or Bevmo. Sue looked at Whole Foods and World Market. NADA. And I’d already been keeping an eye out at Grocery Outlet.

And while I WAS SURE there was a Roussillon in my cellar, it was nowhere to be found. Plus I was pretty sure it was Grenache.

So we paired that fish with other wines from France — three riesling from ALSACE. OMG what an incredible meal we had!! And you’ll just have to wait for July to learn more! (HINT HINT Subscribe so you don’t miss it!)

In the meantime, for more info, go to: Reach for Roussillon. 

And check out the posts by my fellow Winophiles; links below. You can also follow the hashtag #Winophiles on twitter; there’s a live twitter chat at 8am Pacific. 

7 thoughts on “A Search for Rousillon’s Maury #Winophiles

  1. Arg! Well here’s hoping that those wine samples show up at some point and you can taste through them. It is such a challenge to find these wines, but the more that we talk about them, the more others will ask about them and maybe they will find their way further into the US market!

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  2. It’s incredible you couldn’t find at least a Maury Sec (that would be red, and you wanted white but still). Or at lease something from Roussillon. I do hope you stumble upon either a Maury Sec or one of the many types of VDN. Thanks for being a trooper Gwendolyn!
    Unfortunately, I have to order most of the wine for our groups, unless I want one of the larger producers.

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    • I was surprised also that I couldn’t find a Maury at Wine House LA but I suspect their inventory is a bit low due to COVID. We didn’t order a Roussillon because we figured we’d be able to find one around here or I’d find the one I swear I have in the cellar OR the samples would arrive to save the day! Still no samples… Thanks for being accommodating; wish it had worked out.


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