Women in Wine: Geodesy’s Judy Jordan says “Drink Well, Do Good”


  • Measurement and “understanding of Earth’s geometric shape, orientation in space and gravitational field”  Wikipedia.


  • From the Ancient Greek word γεωδαισία geodaisia or “division of Earth”.

I Love Geodesy:

  • Facebook group with over 27k members

Famous Geodeists: 

Geødesy Wine:
  • Founded in gratitude, gratitude for the land and the generations of farmers who work it, and with the sole purpose of advancing the next generation of women in agriculture.
For 40 years, Vintner Judy Jordan, daughter of Jordan Vineyards’s John Jordan grew J Vineyards into an important Sonoma County house for sparkling wine until she sold J to Gallo in 2015 and headed out to do good by helping women advance in agriculture, and navigate the wine industry through Geodesy Wines  made by winemaker Megan Baccitich from grapes grown in Napa and Oregon. 
Surprisingly, Geodesy is 100% philanthropic with funds going to WG Edge –Women Gaining an Edge— a non-profit leadership development program that connects young women with leaders to guide, inspire and open doors. Recently, I joined a ZOOM with other wine writers, founder June Jordan and winemaker Megan Baccitich. 

Judy Jordan understands the importance of mentorships because she was “so blessed to have two mentors.”  

Her dad gave her a small vineyard and a press to get her going, but she had to be on her own by 31. She also credits the importance of Lou Platt from HP who looked at financials and performance.  Other wonderful men she worked with helped her on her path to success, but

while “we cannot do without our fabulous men” she “longed for a woman mentor.”

She saw the need even more when he daughter needed a job; Judy could just phone up a number of contacts and set her up, an option that most young women don’t have.  

Judy Jordan (winery photo)

So Judy decided to create something in the wine world to sustain and support young women to offer inspiration, guidance, open doors for them to provide access into the wine business. 

And that’s what led to the formation of WG Edge which offers connectivity for scholarships, for internships, to leading women which is funded though the sales of Geodesy wine: 100% of the proceeds go to to support this program that provides local leadership development for young women and to support young women in leadership positions.

Her dream is to focus locally then expand by replication in other regions; there’s so much research that shows the opportunities that young people have to be influenced by great adults they have opportunities to succeed, she says. Farming has its challenges– fro. fires to floods to drought and more. 

“If you choose to be in the wine business and choose to be a farmer it takes more guts and patience and dedication” — you never know what will happen next year.

And because with agriculture, you never know what will happen next year, it takes mentors to be successful.


Geodesy Chardonnay with mussels

Geødesy Chardonnay
sample provided for my participation in a ZOOM

Well made, well crafted wine.

Color: Pale lemon, pale gold, gold jewelry,

Nose: Fresh sawn pine, vanilla, butterscotch, lemon, lime, apple, guava, papaya.

Palate: Caramel with a butterscotch finish, characteristic Oregon acidity, pineapple upside down cake. 

Pairing:  Think lobster, shrimp scampi, any rich seafood dish would do well with this wine.  Loved it with the mussels as well as with crab cakes.

Geodesy Pinot Noir

2018 Geødesy Pinot Noir
ABV 14.4%
SRP $80
sample provided for my participation in a ZOOM

Color: Bright ruby with a bright pink rim. Super pretty and youthful.

Nose: Heady, rich, powerful. Rhubarb. Dr. Pepper. This is not one of your typical Oregon lightweight pinot noir and it’s certainly not going to confuse you with one of its NZ cousins. 

Palate: Heavy hitter. Tart bright fruit — cranberry and rhubarb– with a lush palate of fruit and earthy, loamy forest floor.  finish. LongVery youthful; I’d love to taste a vertical in 10 years. Right now,  I yearn for food. 

Pairing: Duck, duck liver, and more duck. I want rich duck breast with a pomegranate or elderberry sauce. After the noontime tasting and ZOOM with Judy, I paired it with pate, truffle brie, and a nice baguette; heavenly. Hard to keep myself from over-imbibing the wine and the pate! Try a combo of truffle brie and pate. Try the truffle brie in puff pastry with this wine for an incredible cheese course or appetizer. Would be marvelous with mushroom ravioli and tellagio cream sauce or beef bourgnonge. Think mushrooms, think rich. I really enjoyed it with the chicken marsala. 


Geodesy Red Blend

Geødesy Red Blend
ABV 14.9%
25.9° | 3.75 | 6.0 g/L 
393 Cases
sample provided for my participation in a ZOOM

This blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Cabernet Franc, 6% Merlot, 6% Malbec, and 1% Petit Verdot grows in Napa Valley’s Sage Ridge Vineyard on a shale and sandstone rock outcrop that’s at 850 – 1480 foot elevation.

After a late September through first week of October 2016 harvest and fermentation, the wine was aged for 20 months in 100% French oak barrels– Taransaud, Darnajous, Baron, Sylvain, Boutes.

Color: Deep ruby, marron, purple notes, like the jewel on the crown, coats the glass. 

Nose: Clove, cigar, box, sandalwood, leather, very nuanced, meditation incense, warm amber notes that remind us of the three kings, cocoa butter, leather, chaparral, horseback riding, cowboy cologne, sage, pistol rub, steel bluing, revolver,

…smells like a temple, smells like heaven. 

Palate: Cherry phosphate; in 20-30 years the fruit will drop off but the spices will remain over time, bacon, savory richness,  meaty, big bold tannins, powerful yet ripe, the oak is present but not overwhelming, chocolate, cocoa, mocha, nice minty zing at the tip of the tongue, dark chocolate mint. 

Pairing: Great with lasagne because it is a great wine; a friend brought me the lasagna because my dad had died recently and it made me wish I could share this wine with him; he would have loved it. Fantastic with beef bourgnone, loved the stewed meat, the rich gravy and the sautéed mushroom. It also went well with the earthy characteristics of the sautéed chard. The chard with a bit of the gravy sends it over the top.  Loves the rich earthen vegetables in the stew and the gravy. The meat is great as well, but it loves the complexity of the entire meal and really makes the wine sing. 







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