Monday Meanderings: Super Bowl, Super Bruce, Super Streaker, Super LV, Super SNL



Yesterday was Super Bowl LV. Traditionally a food fest full of alcoholic beverage consumption, this year’s game was unlike any other. And it wasn’t just because of the streaker who made it on to the field.

Unlike other Super Bowls, Sue and I didn’t come up with a pigskin pairings party post. I didn’t even take any photos of our food, wine, and beer. Because of COVID, it just wasn’t that kind of event this year. 

In fact, this Super Bowl is so different that even Bruce Springsteen made an appearance– with his 1980 Jeep. 

But first, it can’t have escaped your attention that Super Bowl LV (or 55 if you’re not fluent in Roman numerals) looks a lot like LIVE. Continue reading