Pinot Noir Wine Women #2: WALT’S Owner Kathryn Hall and Director of Winemaking Megan Gunderson

NOTE: During Women’s History Month, we feature as many women in wine as we can. In part 1 of this 2 part post, we featured two other pinot noir women,  Peregrine’s Nichole Cross and Megan McGrath Gates of Lucas and Lewellen. This goal has been challenged doubly this March by COVID-19 which impacted my ability to determine what was wrong with my laptop. My new charger should arrive any day, but this blog post may be rough until I get a chance to finish editing it. I had also planned on finishing my article about my interview with Italian wine importer Sheila Donahue as well as other content this month.

1000 miles of Pinot Noir.

When Kathryn Hall started HALL Wines and then WALT, she looked for people and partners as passionate about differences as she was, because this is what is required to make the best wine.

Kathryn Hall at Clos Pepe March 2020.

Kathryn’s family joined the grape growing business in the 1970s,  Continue reading