Off to Loire: Saumur-Champigny and Tritip Summer Salad #Winophiles

On Bastille Day, July 14, Sue Hill and I competed in a battle of palates in the US Open Wine Tasting Championship. Much to our surprise, we won second place and the opportunity to travel and compete in the World Championships which this year will be held in the Loire (more here). As you can imagine, we are VERY excited! While the Championships take place on Oct 12 , we are a planning on spending almost two weeks in France, with at least several days exploring the Loire and staying near the Château de Chambord where the World Wine Tasting Championships are slated to take place.

Known as the heart of France and as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Loire Valley provides visitors experiences rich in culture and history, natural beauty, magnificent châteaux, great wine.

The Loire Valley is France’s third largest wine-producing region: Continue reading