Happy New Year of the Trees! Yarden Mount Hermon Red with Cholent


A prayer for the total lunar eclipse on Tu BiShvat from Rabbi David Seidenberg:

“As we receive the light of the sun reflected in the face of the moon, may we receive wisdom to guide our future.

May we reflect hope, so that we give strength to each other.

We are a part of the Earth’s shadow, and a part of the Earth’s atmosphere, which bends the red light of the sun to illuminate the moon.

When we cast our own shadow, may we still shine a gentle light to illuminate the world around us.

May we be awakened by the grandeur and awe of Your works, so that may we may be filled with courage to heal the Earth from human destruction.

May salvation arise for the heavens, and may this full moon of Shevat bring blessing to the fruit trees and to all Life.

May we strengthen the Tree of Life with all our actions, so that the sun may shine for blessing, for us and for all life.”

Most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I take a hike with my dog Cisco from 8-9am at Arroyo Verde Park which, like so much of my city, was burned in the Thomas Fire.

But many of the trees survived and on my Friday hike, I saw a few bits of green in the trees: new signs of life.

Tu Bishvat on January 21st celebrates trees, Continue reading