June is Idaho Wine Month featuring Koenig’s Viognier and LH Riesling


 In our on-going series on wine from Idaho, today, the final day of June’s Idaho Wine Month,  we’re featuring two wines from Koenig which Sue visited last summer. While Sue is typically a red wine gal, this is the second Viognier she bought on her trip there (see our notes about Williamson’s Viognier here). The 2014  Koenig late harvest riesling was sent as part of a case of twelve wines from 12 wineries.

While Idaho is a region where wine grapes have been grown since the 1860s, Prohibition along with other agricultural opportunities led to that industry’s demise but today it is an up and coming region where vinters are exploring and experimenting to see what works best where. Read more about the climate and terroir here.

NOTE: Very rough notes still! Will revise ASAP!

2014 – Viognier 14.9% alcohol SRP ?
A spongey cork caused some worry if the wine was ok, but it was beautiful.
Color – chiffon, light translucent pale yellow
Nose – fresh stone fruit, seaside salinity maybe due to volcanic soils, rich mineral characteristics, saline, honeysuckle or jasmine, peaches and peach blossom, without over the top floral . John says cold melon or cantelope more cantaloupe than honeydew or watermelon when the melons are cold and ripe.

Palate – honeysuckle with lemon curd, fruity, but not over the top, lovely sweetness as the wine gets to cellar temp.Brings out more character and approachability, handled the spicy sweetness of the Asian influenced meal. Smooth in the front of the palette with a lingering mineral finish that makes you salavate in a good way, fruit and minerals, with more fruit and minerals.

Not much body when too chilled, but beautiful body as it warms to cellar temp, not syrupy in any way, beautiful balance, floral fruit and salinity/minerals.

2014 – Koenig – late harvest riesling – 15.9% alcohol

botrytis single berry select

We not only drank this wine with our dessert, but we put it in our dessert too. It was amazing.

with the roasted fruit late harvest, but it is sweet and tart. the botrytis fungus makes it sparkle and dance.

So this wine does not only make a fantastic trifle, but is also amazingly easy to sip as a cordial

This wine it helps you forget all your troubles, this wine is like the elderflower that we were sampling earlier with our prosecco cocktails. It has the floral sweet tart enjoyment without being like a candy. I went perfectly with the grilled fruit that we garnished with turbinado sugar and cinnamon.

The wine is beautiful and contemplative

this wine at the end of a meal would be equally satisfying with or without a dessert,

orange blossom, being on the highway, heading towards vacation.

nose- orange blossom and honeysuckle, honey, bee pollen, there is nothing to dislike on the nose of this wine.\

palate – apricot kernel. succulent, voluptuousness, enveloping, sweet, tart, it has a roundness, it is not cloying because there is a lot of acidity, It is sweet yet clean, it is rich without being heavy, there is a dichotomy of opposites. there is the richness of a liqueur yet it is a wine.

This is a rare special wine

I think this wine is so wonderful to me because the profile is very similar to the St. Germain that I love. There are certain parallels between the St Germaine and the Boytritus.

If you’re in the region, on Sunday July 2 from 12-3 pm join their wine club and head to Koenig for for a pig roast picnic on the terrace to celebrate the beginning of summer and picnic season! Tickets are FREE to current Wine Club members only and include pulled pork sandwiches, Asian cole slaw, baked beans and macaroni salad. Wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. You may bring additional picnic items, but  no outside alcohol.

as you may have guessed I hadn’t planned on publishing this photo — instead it was intended for Sue for planning purposes!

And if you’re a viognier fan, you’re in luck because we have one more to share with you!As you can tell from the sticky note, Sue visited this winery also and bought a red blend. Let’s see if she drinks it before we have a chance to write about it along with this one.

And now I’m wishing we’d decided to just taste the viognier together so we could compare them!!


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