How to Toast United Nation’s Internat’l Yoga Day: Montes Cherub ROSE!


Today is the United Nation’s International Yoga Day! Have you seen this video of how to drink wine while doing yoga? It’s a fun one!

I started doing yoga when I was in college at UC Santa Cruz, but I didn’t get into it until I had a serious rock climbing accident where I fell 15′ onto my back and my chiropractor was my yoga teacher. Later, when I moved back to Ventura, my teachers kept asking me to sub; one of the first classes i subbed was a Patagonia where I had two students: Yvon and Malinda Chouinard! When I learned one of my favorite Yoga Journal writers, Erich Schiffmann, was doing a 40 hour teacher training in Santa Barbara, I figured it was time to take the plunge. A few years later, I followed that up with Iyengar teacher training with Bryan Legere who I studied with for 15 years.   These days, I mostly have my own practice, attend classes, and do the occasional subbing.

As a yoga practitioner I definitely DO NOT recommend doing yoga while drinking or after drinking! Do yoga then drink wine!

During your yoga practice today, you should definitely do a few sun salutations (because solstice!) and in recognition that, like the sun, you ROSE off the ground for those sun salutes, the obvious wine to choose is ROSE! For International Yoga Day, you might want to try one of these five from around the world that we tasted recently, or try this Montes Cherub, a  Rose of Syrah that Sue and I sampled in February 2016.


Montes Cherub Rose of Syrah – 2015 – 13.5% alcohol – around $15.00
(this wine was a sample for my review consideration)

Montes Winery label began when owner Douglas Murray survived two near-fatal automobile accidents;

the angel symbolizes the winery’s philosophy to be a positive force and influence.

Smells sweet like candy, but it’s a huge surprise on the tongue: it is not sweet at all. This is a crisp dry wine with a very floral, sweet nose, like cotton candy but on the palate it is all tartness and minerals. Screw top makes it easy for picnics.

Color: One of the most interesting elements about this wine is its very bright pink color, very striking, very festive. It looks so nice in the glass!

Nose: candy, cotton candy, floral. rose petals, watermelon.

Palate: We like this wine on the front of the palate,with its tart, cranberry and crab apple fruit, but it has a very harsh finish that’s too metallic.


This rose is a bit difficult to pair with because it leaves behind a dry bitter mouth taste, but we found it pairs well with a goat cheese cranberry combo, and it was great with tuna poke: the sesame oil give the wine a creamy mouth feel. Try it with Sashimi, sushi, as this can handle the saltiness of the fish and soy sauce. We’d also try pink cured meats, salami, ham, prosciutto, making us think it would work well for Easter dinner.


What also makes Montes Cherub Rose of Syrah a good choice for International Yoga Day is their sustainable practices including dry farming, which Chief Winemaker Aurelio Montes says provides “more ripe fruit and more weight in the mouth.”  Montes Winery also uses integrated pest management where the good bugs eat the bad bugs and a cover crop is sown to support the good bugs. We have tasted other Montes Alpha wines and been pleased: read reviews of three reds as well as more information about their sustainable practices here.

What will we be tasting tonight? At 6pm, #WineStudio continues its investigation of the Sonoma Rose Revolution with Pedroncelli Winery, which is run by women, and has been making zinfandel for three generations in the Dry Creek area, so we will be tasting this Dry Rose of Zinfandel tonight.


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