A Little Levity for Tax Day


Need some Tax Day relief?

While I can’t lower your tax bill, I can offer up some poetry, some art, some giggles, and some discounted bubbles!

Above is one of my 3:15 Experiment poems that I turned into a broadside that was published in ArtLife Limited Editions; the tape came from the college where I was teaching and I stapled some on to each broadside which makes the actual broadsides easier to read than this jpg! Read the whole poem.

Next up is a cartoon of the Beatles have an adventure with Robin Hood and singing “Tax Man.”

Plus today only Ventura Wine Company will pay your taxes!

That’s right, drop by the Ventura Wine Company today only during regular business hours and they will pay the tax on any of your purchases (aka discount them 7.5%).

Ventura Wine Company
4435 McGrath Street #301
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 642-9449
Might I suggest you pick up some bubbles to celebrate that at least your taxes are done?Or perhaps some Malbec so you can join us for #MalbecMadness on Wednesday!

Thank you for considering me for a WBC13 scholarship. Bloggers like Marcy Gordon, Jo Diaz, and Mike Wangbickler say I’m an important blogger, I am on the ALA list of Top 100 Wine Bloggers and Tweeters, and my Klout score is in the mid-60s.WBC13

In 2007, I started my eclectic Art Predator blog; in 2008 I started Wine Predator. I attended WBC08 and 09 by keeping expenses low: I drove there and slept in my car.

In 2010, I was unemployed and my husband broke his neck. I applied for and received a scholarship for WBC10. My husband recovered and we both returned to work so I did not submit my airfare ($350) for reimbursement.

At WBC12, I gave an Ignite!Wine presentation.

I am asking for assistance again. My husband has weekly furlough days and the office may close soon. We have a nine year old. I teach part-time and will be unemployed this summer. I am in an expensive PhD program in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Community, Liberation, and Ecopsychology (August 2013 I will have my MA).

Because of  WBC, my research interests include the analysis of wine, wine blogging, families in wine, and sustainability in the wine business from phenomenological, depth psychological, and ecopsychological perspectives. In particular, I am interested in how wine offers an alchemical, transformative experience that reconnects people with the land—and the role wine bloggers play.

There is no better place than WBC13 to discover these stories in wine. Cheers!

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