Do you ever dream of tasting wine? Here’s one of mine! I had it soon after I returned from WBC 12.

art predator

Strange this glass I bring to my lips
to sniff has no scent no taste
the pinot noir in it not real
the glass none of it     all of it
an act of active imagination
of the dreamworld
it just seems so real
I could pinch the people around me
and they would squeal

This next yes a winery
glasses on hand wine poured
this is not real either
we are hosting tweeting
there are young men
talking to my lovely young college aged daughter–
except I have no daughter–
I can’t read my notes on the wine
& I don’t remember actually tasting it.

I’ve moved onto another dream
another lifetime    a different dreamtime
come visit over or 2
will tidy you

3/22/12 August 22, 2012 3:15am Ventura, CA

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