Happy Bitch for a Rosy Afternoon


This is my friend Sophia Kidd. We’ve known each other about 20 years now, ever since I returned to Ventura and had a studio at Art City. She’s a poet, a curator currently active in the southwest China’s contemporary art scene, particularly that of time-based-art, a philosopher, a film buff, and she just spent the past three years in China getting her Masters on a very esoteric topic (yes, she wrote it in Chinese!)

And, as you can tell, she is one HAPPY BITCH!

So that’s why, when she came over yesterday so we could figure out the nuts and bolts on a performance event “dubword::GEIST” we’re curating with Steve Aguilar to be held at Art City on August 20 (for more see below), I popped the bottle cap on the bottle of Happy Bitch rose from Hudson Valley New York that I had chilling in the fridge. It’s a watermelon color and with some melon on the palate too, dry, not sweet, has a delightful effervescence, nice fruit of strawberry and raspberry with a little plum on the finish. It was the perfect choice for a warm afternoon between two friends who hadn’t seen each other in literally years.

Sophia wanted to know how do you get a pink wine. I explained that typically, rose comes from a red grape that’s been crushed and the juice is kept from the skins–it’s the skin contact that gives a wine its color. But this wine is pink because it’s a blend of chardonnay (90%) and pinot noir (10%).

As we all know, it only takes a few drops of red wine to turn a white wine pink! Even though it’s mostly chardonnay, it does not taste like a California chardonnay at all –which could be attributed to the fact that it’s not from California and that a little bit of pinot noir can go a long way.

Happy Bitch is a great for toasts or toasty afternoons, casual events or gatherings; this would be a fabulous choice for a brunch with the gals. I’d also like to try it with a BLT or a BLAT or a turkey burger or  a salmon burger.

If you’re more in cocktail mood, try it with a little St Germain–I went straight to heaven–yum! (By the way, I capped it tight and it was still nicely bubbly later that evening and on to the next day!)

Happy Bitch was founded in 2011 and created by author Keryl Pesce and wine blogger Debbie Gioquindo aka the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess (who I will be meeting at the Wine Bloggers Conference I hope!)

You can get your own Happy Bitch glass etc here. Yes, you want one–or a set of four so you can keep one and give three away! You can find out where to buy it at that link–it retails for under $15 and you can find it on sale for around $10.

Here’s more about the performance Monday August 20:
is a time-based-art exhibition on Monday, August 20, 2012 featuring local Ventura poets who have been reading and performing in the area throughout the past two decades. Steve Aguilar, filmmaker, has been documenting the activities of local writers and will be presenting nine short films based on works by ten of these artists. These nine artists will perform in front of these ten films, creating a doppelganger effect, a sense of then and now, kind of retro, but better.

dubword::GEIST includes a space-set component, with monotypes by Gary Chafe and stone sculptures by Art City founder, Paul Lindhard. This exhibition highlights Ventura as California’s one and only Art City, with Art City being one of the seminal arts organizations in the area. An opening reception begins at 630pm and will be followed by the performances at 7:30pm.

Oh and yes this was a sample! Thank you Happy Bitch!! I love my glass too!


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