I Made The List! Plus 5 Wine Blogs “I” Read

Following Vintank’s blog post last week listing the 9 most influential wine bloggers, several commenters observed the list was limited to one gender–male. The comments section has quite a ruckus going on–some of it insightful and provocative.

Last year, following the publication of a similar list and various online discussions about it and the fact that it too was a list of male wine bloggers, Jo Diaz posted her list of women bloggers. (If you need a refresher about this, you can do so here.)

This year, two bloggers responded with their own lists–and I made both of them!

First up was Michael Wangbikler’s post on “Through the Bunghole” which included a diverse list of six wine bloggers–3 guys and 3 gals.

Second, Jo Diaz entered the fray once more with not one but two blog posts about the matter.. The first one analyzes Vintank’s list, (and has 75 comments so far!) and in the second she produces her own list of 10 Women Bloggers and two men which includes Alana Gentry of Girl With a Glass, Megan Kinney of Wannabe Wino, Meg Houston Maker of Makers Table,  Nannette Eaton of Wine Harlots and Thea Dwelle of Luscious Lushes. And my blog, Wine Predator!

Personally? What do I think? Who do I read? I’m a busy person and while I’d like to read many more wine blogs regularly, I’m working on a PhD in Ecopsychology (and working on a project about certain adult beverages, family and sustainability!), I teach college, I publish poetry and several blogs on different subjects, I have a house, a garden, and a family, and I lead a merry group of cyclists around town to art galleries each month–in costume! When I have a minute, I’m more likely to spend it tasting and writing about wine for this blog and sharing information on twitter and facebook about wine and other important topics (that’s how I maintain a Klout score in the mid 50s).

So what do I read when I have time? In my opinion, any list of who to read when it comes to Wine Blogs should include both Jo and Joe: Jo Diaz and Joe Roberts who is on the Vintank list and who hosted last month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday. The other two wine blogs that I read are Thea Dwelle’s Luscious Lushes and Marcy Gordon’s Come for the Wine. I also enjoy Christopher Watkins blog about Ridge Winery, the winery where I worked once upon a time, and which inspired my passion for wine.

You can compare wine blogs on a new site “Find The Best” –they’ve included me there, also http://blog.findthebest.com/l/1547/Wine-Predator.  They also offer comparisons of wines and wineries (“Compare Wines” http://wine.findthebest.com/ and “Compare Wineries”  http://wine.findthebest.com/) as well as comparisons on other topics.

Happy reading!

PS If you like what you see here so far, please subscribe! Posts coming up include Zaca Mesa, Vintage Port, Chateau Ste Michelle riesling, Enoforum’s wines from Portugal, The Seeker wines, Luna Pinot Grigio, some tasty pinot noirs and chardonnays, bottling at Vino V and Old Creek Ranch, and a thorough investigation into what exactly is meant by organic and sustainable! I’m also organizing an oyster smackdown this summer at the Jolly Oysters between Oregon Pinot Grigio, NZ Sauvignon Blanc, and California Sparkling wine!

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