WBW 75 results & WBW 76 announced: Return of the Barossa Boomerang!

And the results are in! Host Joe Roberts has posted his wrap-up for Wine Blogging Wednesday #75! Featuring single vineyard designate wines from all over the world,  we had nearly 30 blog posts participating including mine about Ojai Vineyard Roll Ranch Viognier and Syrah.

Next month for Wine Blogging Wednesday #76, Winezag hosts “Return of the Barossa Boomerang!” You can read all you want about the rise and fall of Aussie wine fortunes over there, but here’s how YOU can participate according to Winezag:

So go get yourself a bottle of Barossa Valley wine for $30 or less; Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Riesling or otherwise…and let everyone know on April 25 what you think about the ”return of the Barossa Boomerang”.  Kindly use #wbw76 on all tweets and references.  I will provide a recap here and at the Wine Blogging Wednesday site no more than a couple days following April 25.  So be sure to tweet all your links, share all your stories, (include those hashtags everywhere) so we (appreciate the ongoing support of Tim Elliot and Lenn Thompson  towards making #wbw76 fun and successsful) can help pass your experiences and content on to even more winos by including your stories in all the wrap-ups.

I have my own stories about Australian wine which I won’t get into now…suffice to say I have a few bottles of Barossa wine in the cellar that I will happily open and write about on Weds. April 25 for WBW #76–the return of the Barossa Boomerang!

2 thoughts on “WBW 75 results & WBW 76 announced: Return of the Barossa Boomerang!

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