Wine Weds: Poetry by Joan MacBeth Inspired by OCRW Cab Sauv & Grenache

I was up at Old Creek Ranch Winery last weekend to taste their new releases (yum! but more on that in another post!) and I realized I had neglected to post the poems that Joan Macbeth sent me from our March workshop at OCRW that were inspired by and written while tasting OCRW’s Napa Valley Cabernet and other wines as well as by the ranch itself. Here’s a link to the poem I wrote about the cab; here’s a link to the poem Danika wrote about the Old Creek Ranch Cab she loved so much she bought a bottle and took it back to Canada to share with her husband! Danika explains the workshop and the process here.

Keep reading for Joan’s poems about Old Creek Ranch Winery’s cabernet sauvignon and grenache.

Old Creek Ranch – Napa Valley Cabernet
By Joan MacBeth

Chase me pomegranate
Deep red rose, softened thorns
Trite like cloves, tight like clothes
Stony clay spun on the wheel

Molten magma love song
Gun-metal gray
Panther, lion loins
Summer of seventy-four

In maple-dappled woods
Brewing summer storm
Sizzle spatter like a summer rain
Sprint, marathon, sprint

Verb, imperative
Fourth of July

Old Creek Ranch – Grenache
by Joan MacBeth

Sweet cherry dance
Wild clover, spicy black pepper

Iron shavings along sandy shores of shells
Patsy Cline ballads crooning
Rubies of deep purple, grapen baubles

Zebra prancing hooves
Carefree children, hiding in the lily fields
Caressing mist of autumn frizzing curls

Breathless mountain hike
Sighing modifiers
Waiting for Christmas

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