Where will you Rhone this weekend?

This weekend is a MAJOR Rhone event for folks who love Rhone wines (like me!)

It’s the annual Hospice du Rhone, which is going on 19 years, and it’s nearby, up in Paso Robles, central California. The weather should be stunningly gorgeous with fields of wildflowers.

But people aren’t going for the views–they’re going for the wine! And copious amounts of it too from rhone wine producers from all over the world.

It’s an event not just about tasting wine: it offers seminars, wine and food events, a marketplace, and more.

While the passports are sold out ($800 each–which tells you a LOT about this event!), you can still attend the two BIG afternoon tastings, one on Friday and one on Saturday. According to their website, “Online Pass Sales are closed. Passes for the Friday Rhône Rendezvous and Saturday Grand Tasting passes will be available at the door for $110. Passes for meals, seminars, Rhone ‘n Bowl or Weekend Packages will not be sold at the door.”

If you missed out this year, I urge you to celebrate Rhone varietals by opening up a bottle or two this weekend– I know I’m opening one up for tonight’s dinner of lamb chops!  Hmmn, which ones are here at the house and not in the cellar?

You can follow along the excitement by checking out twitter feed–and no, you don’t need your own account, just search for #HdR2011  at http://twitter.com/ . That’s what participants will be using along with any tweets they post. There will be a few blog posts too I am sure by and friends fellow wine bloggers like Thea Dwelle and Joe and Amy Powers. You should also check out the Simple Hedonisms blog of William Allen–I don’t know him as well personally but I do know he IS passionate about Rhone wines!

And if you just happen to know of a spare ticket or pass, let me know. I’m ready to roll up and Rhone!

Here’s what I had to say about last year’s Hospice du Rhone.

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