Last Minute Easter Ideas: Wine & Food Pairings for Lamb, Ham, Salmon & more

Easter celebrations come big and small. My husband’s family is preparing lamb, ham, ribs, and tri-tip–and at least a dozen sides and desserts. It’s hard to know what wines to bring!

Here are some wine ideas for your Easter celebrations, whether they be small ones with just you and a friend or big ones with lots of people–like the one I’m going to with all the clergy and most of the congregation of the local Greek Orthodox church!

Just as Easter is celebrated around the world, the wines I talk about below come from near and far. They include a California Sparkler with salmon, two french wines (a gamay and a Bordeaux rose) with ham, and a Spanish Rioja with lamb.

Enjoy your Easter however you celebrate it!

And if you celebrate hiding sons rather than rising sons, check out this blog post which reviews some kosher wines from Herzog.

A Rose Brut Sparkler for Starters, Oysters & Salmon

Any celebration becomes more festive when you pop a cork from a sparkling wine, champagne, or cava. Continue reading