Old Creek Ranch Winery 2007 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Inspired Poetry

Last week, I wrote a lot during writing workshops all day Thursday at Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center and at Old Creek Ranch Winery then on Saturday at Danika Dinsmore’s Poetry BootCamp.

And I even wrote about wine–wine poetry, believe it or not!

So I will be posting some of my wine and winery inspired poems as well as a few by others from our writing workshop starting with these tasting “notes” about Old Creek Ranch’s Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ll also be posting a few more “traditional” notes about the wines we tasted and the pairings we enjoyed.

On Old Creek Ranch Winery’s 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
Branham Obsidian Vineyard, Napa Valley

You fruit me like a cherry
summer ripe days

You flower me like a rose
red, deep, red

You spice me like a vanilla bean
musky, husky, rich

You rock me like a granite dome
round and rough

You roll me like a romp in the hay
the hills and the land in you

You sing to me like Tom Waits
gravely and true

You wear on me like  a gold watch
classic, reliable, dependable

You rub me like an old leather saddle
smooth and soft

You kick me like a soccer ball
on a wild open field

You stroke me like a tiger’s tongue
and I’m coming back for more

Okay, it may not be one of my best poems but it was a fun way to describe the wine using various prompts to get from the common descriptors to more unusual ones! Stay tuned or subscribe for more!

PS Better catch this luscious wine while you can since this is the last vintage of it they plan to make! (Instead, watch for a 2007 Nebbiolo from Stolpman Vineyard and some other new wines!)