Wine Blogging Wednesday #71: Born to Rhone Wild Posts Due March 16

Since I was absolutely born to rhone wild, I am very excited that “rhone wines not from the rhone” has been announced by Wine Cast’s Tim Elliott as this month’s theme Wine Blogging Wednesday #71 (founded over 6 years ago by Lenn Thompson of the New York Cork Report.)

Tim suggests participants: “Pick any wine made from a variety best known in The Rhône but not made in that famous French region. It doesn’t matter if the wine is white, pink or red; still, sparkling or fortified. Whatever you choose just needs to be made from primarily a Rhone grape and come from a region not in France.”

“If you need some inspiration,” Tim says, “just check out this link.” He encourages participants to go beyond Syrah and Grenache and try something new.

So if you’re born to rhone wild –just not from the rhone!–post Wednesday, March 16th. If you announce your entry on Twitter or Facebook, please be sure to add the hashtag #wbw71 to your status update. Send Tim an email at winecast (at) gmail (dot) com with a link to your post so he can produce a summary after the event. You can also just email him your write-up.  Read all of Tim’s WBW#71 prompt here.

Now to figure out what to choose! I’m planning on going to a New Zealand tasting that day in LA. Even a syrah from NZ would be a wild rhone! I wonder what else rhone wise I might find there?